I've bought several 2 packs of the Joes and I've noticed I have 2 of alot of the figures(exactly same scultps) with different paint jobs. Whats up with that??? Scarlett, Zartan, Sgt. Stalker, and another one I cant think of who it was right off hand. All they are doing is changing the paint scheme...hummm. Also I just found the Blowtorch/Cobra Snow Serpent (VERY COOL!!!) Beach Head/Dr Mindbender (WHOA!!!!) and Flint/Baroness (could have done better with Baroness) If you havent seen the Snow Serpent your missing out...so far it is my #1 fav.

Check out the pics of Scarlett I posted to see what I'm talking about. Most of the paint is MUCH different then this example.