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    Angry Hasbro Do it Right or NOT AT ALL!!!

    Whats the deal? What are you doing to the Galoob legacy??? You release rehashed ships that everyone has with no Mini-Figs for the same price they originally were?!?!? Enough is Enough, cut the BS. Are you going to continue doing the Action Fleet half-assed, if so why do it at all????

    You are doing "Fans Choice" 3 3/4 inch figs, what about the rest of us who collected the Action Fleet and Micro Mahines??? Don't we count??? We also put money into your pockets, or don't you want our money???
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    I missed the Falcon the 1st time around, so I picked that up. The X-Wing anf TIE Fighter are nothing to jump and scream about. I'm glad that Hasbro is going the Solar Sailor and Naboo Fighter. I would like to see a Star Destroyer, Slave I (from 'Clones'), Republic Gunship, and Sith Infiltrator among others.

    I would like some mini-figs though.
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    I never got the Falcon or Vader's TIE the first time around, so I might pick these up. Some of these vehicles don't need mini-figs since they would still be too big to be in scale with the ship (like the Falcon).

    However, I am totally stoked about the AT-TE that's coming out! Great job on that one, Hasbro! Now we just need a 3 3/4" version.
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    the real standout with the new released versions of the action fleet vehicles is the applied paint finish. the paint detailing is far superior to the original galoob releases, for that hasbro, i have to tip my hat off to you guys.

    even if you already own the original galoob versions, it is well worth picking up the re-released ships for the new paint job alone.

    due to this new paint work, i will indeed pick up the announced re-released versions of the naboo fighter, snow speeder and at-at.

    what i do ask, is that you r&d and produce new ships, not only form the new movies, but ships from the previous movies which had yet to be released as action fleet. most particularly the pod racers.

    the quality of the pods that were released (sebulba's, anakin's, mars guo's, as well as the turbo pods of ody mandrell, and gasgano), were supberb, and it's really a shame that the entire line of pod racers were never produced.
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