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Thread: New A-Wing

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    New A-Wing

    Galactichunter reported that a UK retailer has a new A-Wing listed, and that it is rumored to be a Target exclusive here in the states.

    Since I don't have the orig, I am excited and am going to be picking this one up.
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    now this we don't need, I think the last one that was produced was great.
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    Are we getting a resculpted A-Wing Pilot with it? If so then cool! Otherwise, it better have something different, like electronics, for it to be worthwhile.
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    Hey Hasbro, how about some more AOTC or TPM Vehicles before remakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think the POTF A-Wing we got is just fine. I don't see any need for a new one. An individual pilot would be great though.
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    I really don't see a need for a new one. The last one seems fine for now. If there is another to be issued it would have to sing and dance to make it worth the purchase. The last one I bought was on clearance for 4.97 and I'm sure Hasbro would just love to pawn the newer one for at least $25 with a gimmick included. I'm sold on the old one until they can pricepoint to the satisfaction of the consumer.

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    Well, the POTF2 AWing was really decent, so no resculpts please !
    And for A wing correct pilot, just do it carded, please !
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    I have 3 of the POTF2 version and could probably pick up extras off ebay for less than what they cost in the store. No thanks on this one.
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    What I'd love is a Y-wing. Redone with a removable droid slot. Now that I'd buy!

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    It's the same A-wing. Has nobody actually read the report?
    The Private Universe wrote on Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 12:35:57 AM:

    SW A Wing Vehicle Available Dec, SRP 27.99.
    Previously only available to a USA retailer this exciting Star Wars vehicle is now available to you! The vehicle is scaled to fit the Star Wars 3 inch figures. The craft includes a figure. The quantity of this vehicle is very limited.

    Text is from Hasbro UK and Dates are tentative.
    It reads more like "this was initially released as a US exclusive and is now being made available to the UK market in limited quanities." So don't get your hopes up in the States. :happy:


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