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    Action Fleet Wish List!

    I don't often get to this area of the forums but I was curious as to what ships you would like to see made into Hasbro's new and overhauled Action Fleet line.

    I would like to see....

    - Slave I from 'Clones'

    - Republic Gunship from 'Clones'

    - Sith Infiltrator from 'Menace'

    - Rebel Transport from 'Empire'

    - Star Destroyer from 'Hope'
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    Hi Jayspawn

    The Rebel exists in the MM/playsets line. It was produced in 1996, UPC code is "47246-65996".

    You can see some pics at :

    SAGA Action Fleet list for 2002-03 :

    The Star Destroyer will not be produced. Here is a pic of the prototype shown at ToyFair 2000 :

    Enjoy !


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    Republic LAAT/c (Dropship) with Mini AT-TE.

    Techno Union Starship.

    Trade Federation Core Ship.

    Neimoidian Shuttle.

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    pod racers baby! bring on the pods! i would love for hasbro to introduce a different pair of pod racers with each quarter.

    i still can't believe that a full set of pods can't be attained in any toy format.

    for awhile there (three fricken years ago), it looke d like we were gonna get a complete line of pods with the pod racing die-casts, but alas, that fell short at only 10 racers. sheeeesh
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    I want a new sculpt on the X-wing, the Y-wing, and the B-wing. I want an AF outrider! I want all sorts of other stuff, but those come to mind immediately.
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    The Outrider would be awesome. I asked Galoob why they did Xizor's ship and not the Outrider,but never got a response.

    I want to see a AF Scimitar Assault Bomber, both Anakin's and Zam's Airspeeders, a Solar Sailor that could fit mini-figures and a AT-PT Battle Pack.
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    Thumbs up Nebulon B!

    I already told this (and maybe I am a little bit boring ), but I would really love to have a Nebulon B Medical Frigate in scale with the Mini-MM Millennium Falcon (the one in the Special Edition Premiere Giveaway).
    That would be awesome! :happy:


    P.S. A part from the MM version, does it exist any other (bigger) version of the Nebulon B?
    Maybe it was planned in the Collector Fleet, but never produced (afaik).
    It is a pity for this beautiful ship.

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    Jangu, on the other side of that, why did Hasbro make an Outrider for their figures but scrap the Virago they had mocked up?

    Goofy, as far as I know, the only unproduced Collectors Fleet ship was the Mon Calamari one that was supposed to come out with the Super Star Destroyer.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I agree with JT, new sculpts of the X-wing, Y-Wing and B-wing would be great.

    The only one toy of the Nebulon B frigate ever made is the Micro Machines one. To my knowledge, not any other toys, kits (even garage kits) of this ship were produced.

    If you want to see some cool collectibles :

    Scratchbuilt Mon Calamari cruiser :

    Z-95 headhunter model ($65) :
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    I would like to see:

    Republic Gunship
    Homing Spider Droid
    Dwarf Spider Droid
    Hailfire Droid
    Tank Droid
    Trade Federation Control Orb
    Techno Union Warship

    It would be even cooler to make them all the same scale as the current AT-TE, this way we can create a mini-Geonosis Battle Diorama.
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