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    Does anyone hear collect statues, busts, or similar high-end collectibles?

    Since there is no shortage of this kind of high-end collectibles (which is to say quality collectibles in the $40-$500 range that are not toy store fare), I thought I would pose the question:

    Does anyone out there collect statues, busts, or other high-end collectibles?

    I have a modest collection of such things that started with the Hulk vs. Thing bookends (one of the best comic-based sculptures ever) and the Swamp Thing statue (both acquired on the cheap many years ago). Though I cannot afford to collect as much as I'd like, I have managed to get the incredible Mulder & Scully statues for Mrs. JediCole, the Greedo bust (from a few years back), and more recently, the Riddell Boba Fett mini helmet.

    The Star Wars mini-busts were brought up in a thread elsewhere, and they are quite nice, though I have not decided to own any yet. These guys retail for about $45.00 each Also, on the higher end of the spectrum, there are the wonderful Attakus Star Wars staues. I managed a Princess Leia (the only one I really wanted anyway) on clearance for less than 1/3 of the original (staggering) list price.

    Some other nice pieces like these that are out there are the Marvel Mini Busts from Bowen Designs. I forget how many there are so far (or will be by the time their license lapses at years end), but it is close to fifty if not more. I am hopeful that I can pick up a Galactus bust sometime for my collection, as it is larger than the average Bowen mini-busts (given the Big G's size). There are also many great DC and Marvel super hero statues and busts out there if you can come by them, including an incredible "Death of Supergirl" statue, recreating the pivitol image from the cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (my best friend has this one and it is great)! A new arrival from the "Classics" line from DC features Joker in one of the most clever mini busts I've ever seen. The Clown Prince of Crime is casting his maniacal grin toward a Batman balloon that he is holding by its string in one hand, a sharp pin is poised in the other. They made the "ballon" out of translucent blue plastic and it has those little "ears" (or protrusions) on either side. An image of Batman's face/cowl without the trademark ears appears on the surface of the ballooon. The string is a straight, thin metal wire and the pin looks quite formidable and sharp. I think this is one of the best characterizations in the context of the sculpt. If I don't sell the one I have at the toy show next weekend, I will likley keep it for my collection.

    There are many great Aliens and Predator statues and bustss coming down the pike too! I ordered myself an Alien Queen mini-bust. I always loved the look of the Alien Queen and it appears that her image was well captured in this sculpt.

    Anyway, there are many, many other great statues and collectibles that fall into this category. Has anyone else endulged in any of this kind of collecting? And for those who collect toward future financial return, these are the kinds of collectibles you should invest in, as they generally have limited production runs and high after-market demand (unlike many toys). Early releases in the Bowen Marvel Mini Bust line have more than quadrupled in value from thier $40.00 list prices!

    So, what do you collect on the "high-end"?
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    I have a few items that fit in that category : I have a numbered Jabba mattique and the numbered Chewy head. I'm pretty sure we have a Emperor & Greedo bust or its Boba & Greedo..I'd have to check one of the closets. I've seen some very cool Marvel busts , but dont collect them, the artwork is outstanding.

    I guess high end could mean anything right??LOL
    I know I feel like some of the carded Vintage 12 backs we have bought are highend...forget highend they are expensive as heck.
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    I tried to, but it just turned out to be too expensive. My brother has a big collection of the high-end stuff though:

    -all of the Legends in 3D busts
    -all of the Kotobukiya vinyl figures
    -the Master Replica ROTJ Luke saber, and another MR saber don't remember which one (maybe Obi-Wan's)
    -the Don Post TIE Pilot, Royal Guard and Boba Fett helmets (not the cheap ones, the Deluxe ones)
    -a bunch of other lightsaber replicas (ANH Luke and Vader ones that he built from the actual flashtube brands used for the films) and ones he designed himself
    -the Marmit Boba Fett and Sandtrooper
    -the Icons Ben and ROTJ Luke sabers
    -the Icons TIE Figher model replica

    It's really an impressive collection.
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    I have the Bowen Punisher statue - wow. Perfect capture of Frank. Im in the market for others, notably Captain America, Dark Phoenix and red Daredevil. Bowen has started cranking out the early statues in mini form - exact replicas of the tough first few, but much smaller. The yellow DD is a keeper already based on the price of that very limited early full sized statue. Id also like the FF ones as they get a little cheaper.

    I also have a few pretty high end comics to throw may have heard of one or two

    X-Men #1 from 1963. A keeper for sure!
    Giant Size X-Men #1
    (Uncanny) X-Men #94

    My collection of X-Men is complete from #94 to the present day!
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    Well, when I got into this hobby (collecting Star Wars stuff) it was knowing that I could only collect one thing or line since I have other exspensive hobbies (hometheater, bodybuilding, motorcycles) too. I've thought about collecting the MR hilts, but I think I may have to go with the FX sabers instead. Not that I would be settling, the hilts are cooler though, but I have a family to think about as well.


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