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    Which movie has the best vehicle toys?

    Just thinking: which movie has the best vehicle toys?

    A New Hope:

    Landspeeder (2 versions)
    X-wing (2 versions)
    TIE Fighter
    Darth Vader TIE Fighter
    Y-wing Fighter
    Millennium Falcon

    Empire Strikes Back:

    Snowspeeder (2 versions)
    Boba Fett's Slave-One
    TIE Bomber
    X-wing Fighter (Dagobah)

    Return of the Jedi:

    Tatooine Skiff
    Shuttle Tyderium
    TIE Interceptor

    The Phantom Menace:

    Droid Fighters
    AAT Tank
    Naboo Fighter
    Royal Starship
    Flash Speeder
    Anakin's Pod Racer
    Sebulba's Pod Racer

    Attack of the Clones:

    Zam's Speeder
    Anakin's Speeder
    Jango's Slave-One
    Jedi Starfighter
    Republic Gunship
    Dooku's speederbike
    Owen's speederbike

    There are more vehicles rumored, but I'd have to say this is pretty close to "it."

    I think either ANH or AOTC has the edge. There's too much essential SW in there.

    ESB definitely needs the Cloud Car to help it out - and maybe they could re-do the Rebel Transport or the Medical Frigate (Nebulon-B type Cruiser).

    Which movie has the best gear (as far as toys) in your opinion?
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    I'll vote ESB as soon as they add that Cloud Car.

    I'm tempted to go with ANH overall, but ESB gets my preference because of the new ships while still retaining SOME of the ANH flavor with the variant TIE and X-WING.

    Nope, I have to go with ANH.
    But a Cloud Car will go a long way in helping ESB.

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    Now I am fickle about these things and I'd have to say either ESB for the AT-AT, or TPM for the Royal Starship - such an amazing toy!
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    I'm undecided between ESB & ROTJ.

    They both have the best vehicles ever produced.

    ESB for the AT-AT and ROTJ for the Imperial Shuttle.
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    I'll go with AOTC for right now. It has the new Slave I and the Gunship which are both just awesome.

    But as soon as the Slave I ESB repaint comes out, I'll have to go with ESB.
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    It's kind of hard for me to decide since I only own one Ep2 vehicle. However, it is an amazing vehicle. If Hasbro ever gets off of its butt and makes the AT-TE, then AOTC will win hands down.

    For now I will go with ESB, the AT-AT is too awesome to dismiss.

    But then again, ROTJ has the Y-Wing, B-Wing, A-Wing, Shuttle and Skiff. That's a tough lineup to go up against.
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    i will have to say as of right now either rotj or TPM. have to what to see what the future will hold for AOTC.
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    ROTJ has the best with ANH second and AOTC third. TPM just dosen't have any of the cool pods made and the vehciles aren't to interesting. ESB still needs things to be made.
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    As far as Podracers are concerned, I had some ideas.

    First, I want to ask everyone if they think a poll for Hasbro to make more Podracers is a good idea or not?

    Next, vehicle toys need to have action features to BE toys in the first place. I have some suggestions, as most people like to see toys do what the vehicles did in the movie.

    I kept in mind which Podracers had figures made, too - but also who had cool looking pods.

    For Podracer Vehicles, I want:

    Ody Mandrell's Pod (the action feature could be it fires a pit droid out of the rear of the engine). Ody's pod was more boring looking, but he has a figure and the action feature would be unique to his hilarious pit-stop scene.

    Teemto Pegules Pod (the action feature would shoot the actual pod forward, between the engines, so it "spins out") Teemto's pod is really cool, as is his figure, and the scene when the Tuskens shoot him down. It goes with the desert sniper figure well, also!

    Mars Guo's Pod (the engine on (at least) one side could explode, and maybe the other side could launch his pod off the connector cable to that opposite engine). Mars is interesting looking, but his pod racer is even cooler. He bit it when Sebulba threw a monkey-wrench into the machinery in Lap 2 (when in the cut scene Anakin's tow cable becomes disconnected causing him to spin).

    Dud Bolt's Pod (the action feature could be breaking flaps - perhaps an Expanded Universe pop-out laser cannon - read on...) Dud was not an accomplished pod racer. However, he was paid to be Sebulba's body guard. He would either a) stop anyone from trying to kill Sebulba or b) kill anyone that could actually beat Sebulba. His character is my favorite in terms of looks: a cross between a corcodile mouth on a weiner-dog! He reminds me of the Cyote that chases Roadrunner, too. His pod might be very cool looking, but the action features would be boring without the EU weapon - which in the character expansion stuff, he probably has anyway.

    Gasgano's Pod (what the heck could be the action feature? - maybe a zip cord with hidden wheels? but then the others should've had that too? It could be hidden on Gasgano's rather easily, but not on others like Ody's!) Gasgano was cool looking, though the figure was sort of weak I guess. The pod didn't do anything in the movie, but it's got cool engines. It's one I'd want, but not at the top of my list.

    Color schemes are also important to a race display:

    Anakin: yellow-blue
    Sebulba: orange-black
    Ody: red-silver
    Teemto: green
    Mars Guo: red-grey
    Dud Bolts: blue-red
    Gasgano's: green-yellow

    There were 18 pods, but these merit the first approach, IMO.
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    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D


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