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    Absolutely the last time Ill ask : Has Padme Unleashed been recalled??

    I swear this is the last time Ill ask this but has Padme been recalled/stopped manufactored? I have one but its nothing special and am wondering if I should sell her or just open her and let her be the lamer of the Unleashed figs on my shelf?? If she isnt anything special thats cool and Ill open her up but why not make a few extra dollars if I can anyways??
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    Ok, for the last time. No, she hasn't been recalled, cancelled, destroyed, or any of the other lame rumors that people use on Ebay to try to get big bucks out of commen toys. Hasbro has confirmed that she's still being made, and that you have nothing to worry about.

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    I remember getting duped into paying $50 for a POTF2 Speeder Bike, cuz the guy told me that they had been recalled by Kenner for faulty leg springs.

    Ahhh, the simpler, more gullible early days of POTF2.
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    Plenty here in the UK. Crap looking things but there's plenty of them.

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    Crap looking you say? You need to focus your attention on this figure's 2 strong points to see it's genius .

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    Oh I looked at that and there's not much there for a figure of that type. I would look to cold cast resin DC comics and marvel comics heroines for that kind of gratification. Some of those comic book sculptures are er, breathtaking....

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    She look like a man from the neck up!
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    She's at TRU in all of her "cold" glory.

    Cool . . . my 500th post!
    And I wasted it on talking about a statue's breasts.
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    Theres pleanty of Unleashed Padme and Anakin in my stores. I still think that Anakin is the worst of them.
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    Padme is damn manly.
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