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    Arrow Destiny's Way (spoiler thread)

    I have yet to see this book, but for those who have started it, feel free to post away here!
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    well this is the spoiler thread so I guess it's not really necesarry for me to point that out again? anyways.
    I finished the book, and overall I didn't like it as much as the last one. If you're reading this you obviously don't care if I tell you who dies but I wont anyways, and the deaths arn't the reason I didn't like it. All the parts of the book that I really enjoyed, the conversations btwn Luke and Vergere and Vergere and Jacen seemed to be cut very short to fill the book with more interstellar space wars, described exactly how they are in every book!!! Just on every other page in this book! Honestly the space wars are what really brought it down. I also enjoyed Nom Anor and his last ditch efforts but the Vong seemed very stupid in this book! They seemed to lack the finesse for strategy and cunning they usually have.
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    I finished the book on Sat and I liked it (although, to be fair, I like ALMOST everything SW ).

    The more we follow the YV the more we find that their whole beleif system is a sham (unknowingly to most of them) and this book did a good job of furthering this storypoint. We see that this is a critical point for the YV, and that their situation is becoming more dire. The YV's greatest problem is their inflexibility, which was touched on in "Traitor".

    I don't know if enough coverage was given to the meetings between Luke and Vergere. It seems she tries to open Luke's eye's, regarding his/Jedi Force perceptions. Luke seemed to accept Vergere's teachings, but it happened quickly. I want to see how it develops in the upcoming novels.

    A couple things I wasn't too crazy about was the Jedi graduation and the new Jedi Council. There has already been a crisis involving how the council operates, and I have a hard time imagining the Jedi letting the Republic use ethically and morally questionable war tactics.

    What do I want to see in the future? The final state of the Galaxy at the end of the series, more of Vergere and her teachings, what happens w/ Nom Anor, and how the YV deal w/ the shortcomings of their religion/civilization.
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    I finished this book in 2 days, cause I couldn't put it down for more than 5 minutes. I loved it cause finally the Good Guys are looking like they have a chance. I was thinking at the end about if their plan was going to succede and if Jaina was going to servive. I felt the auther did a great job making the battles suspensful and putting the details in to the whole book so I cauld actually picture what was going on. I think some of the dialouge could have been better but overall it doesn't effect how great the book was.
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    I really liked it too. I want to post more after I reflect more on it. I just finished it last night, and I think I need to digest it some more.

    I think the Jedi are heading for a show-down with the New Republic's civilian government over Alpha-Red.

    Ackbar bought the Jedi time with his successful war plan. It was great to see the old Admiral back. I think he's going to die (of natural causes very soon though).

    I too thought the battle descriptions were excellent, but not excessive in quantity either. The author could have chronicled the Ralroost's missions in other systems where they conducted hit-and-fade missions, but they didn't.

    It was nice to see Palleon, and his dialogue, as well as the perspective Jagged Fel shared with Han and Leia, was very illuminating.

    I liked how well the sense of family was conveyed with Jacen Solo's return.

    I too wanted more interaction between Luke and Vergere before she died. That her spirit can appear gives me hope.

    Back from Traitor, I wonder if Anakin Solo's spirit can really appear. That was left confusing on purpose, though I think at one point it was really him. For Vergere to know that much personal information about Anakin, seemed odd. She never met him before he died.

    Back to the first encounter with Vergere I was interested in - her and Luke, I wondered if she despised him for getting the Jedi Order all wrong: marrying, having children, establishing a Council with political figures involved, training multiple apprentices from suspicious backgrounds- Vergere meeting Kyp Durron would have been REALLY interesting!

    Also the implications of what Luke started cannot be taken back. Is he to tell his own family: Jacen and Jaina, that they cannot marry and have children? How long will it be before Jaina might find herself pregnant with Jag Fel's child? NJO is dark enough they could take the characters through an unwed pregnancy.

    The didn't go into Jacen Solo's feelings about being separated from Danni Quee.

    NJO also kind of dumped Zekk on the side with his relationship with Jaina. I don't really understand how the fire cooled. The same thing with Jacen and Tenel Ka. Her role as Queen Mother now (though she's not even a mother) would make romance either impossible, or dictate that marriage would be for political reasons - all the more reason to get back with Jacen Solo. He's the only one she could possibly love. And Jacen's hesitant of Danni -she's 5 years older than him. But Jacen's grandfather went for a girl exactly that much older than himself. Is there a parallel here? On purpose?

    Vergere's choice of an A-wing for a suicide run was gratutitous to ROTJ for sure. Also, was it that the A-wing looked like a Jedi Starfighter to her? That was some homage to the Old Republic.

    I really liked this book and I really felt the battles took me right into it, like I was there, experiencing what Jaina Solo experienced (out of all the characters). I really could "see" the battle in the tunnels! How I want Vong action figures, and Jaina, Jacen, Lowie, and Sabateen (spelling) figures! That'd be an awesome diorama to build! With some Voxynn! Whoa!

    Anyway, more after more reflection.
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    I think Vergere picked the A-wing cause it is the fastest and most agile ship in the fleet.
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    vergere wasn't always refering to Anakin Solo, but Anakin skywalker, whom she did meet, albeit briefly.

    I don't think Vergere could really judge Luke for the way he set the jedi order up, She's a Jedi, she can't judge. She could tell him how things used to be and why they were that way, but overall I don't think she really cared about the "New Rebupilc" she acted indifferent to the new government, and just kind of sad that her way of life was extinguished years before her return.
    I would like to see her spirit reappear to jacen but I don't think it will. on a side note, if the whole spirit after physical death thing was learned while she was in vong space, that means she was more in touch with the force than many of the jedi in their republic days, but I guess 50 years of isolation would be the prefect time for philosophy.
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    I really enjoyed this book. The Vong's lost the one true advantage it had, they are no longer mysterious and unknown. The Republic's had a chance to regroup, understand the enemy and devise plans to defeat them.

    I also think the Empire will play a bigger role towards the end. Palleon is not one to sit on the sidelines.

    Also, did anyone notice that Shimrra's pet (who's name I cannot spell) may be playing a much bigger role than what the rest of the Vong know of... Don't ignore the "man behind the curtain" this time. He could very well be the one in control.
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    I thought , that after building up the character of Vergere through several books, killing her off now was a waste. There is so much she could have told Luke about the Old Republic, giving him tantalizing clues about Palpatine's rise to Chancelorship ("Naboo? I've never heard of it...") The same goes for Tsavong Lah. He was the integral villain in many of the books and they discarded him for the sake of a climactic ending.

    The "big" space battle at the end was very understated. It referred to whole fleets and squadrons attacking each other. Very impersonal, and then the escaping Vong Fleet just blows up in the mine field. Well, spend a whole paragraph on that particular storyline why don't you? The same goes for the thousands of Vong warriors suffocating in a matter of seconds (or sentences).

    How will this all end? The Vong, I believe, will became a regular staple in the Star Wars galaxy. They will keep their fair share of the planets they have conquered. perhaps Nom Anor will formulate this "rebellion" of shamed ones and workers into his own New Vong Order and the New Republic will have to deal with this permanent new addition to the Galaxy. It also sets the stage for the Empire to start causing trouble again. With the Vong on one side, the Empire on the other, and an unstable government full of infighting and backstabbing, our Heroic Jedi will have their hands full. It also sets up plenty of future potential conflicts. Jacen and his "Vongsense", Jaina and her feelings for now an enemy Jag. And of course, young Ben growing up in all this chaos along with Vergere's ominous warnings about him.

    it will be an interesting ride over the next few years in the Star Wars novels.
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    I agree with Sidiously Darth that Shimrra's pet shamed-one will be important at some point. I'm inclined to not speculate on it, but rather just enjoy its evolution.

    As to Eternal Padawan, I think that perhaps the genocidal weapon the Republic has developed will be deployed by key rogue Jedi in cooperation with the Bothans. The new Dark Jedi might ultimately side with the Empire, which would condone their highly efficient, if immoral ways.

    The shamed ones of the Vong will try and revolt and cause change to happen in their society and we will learn to like their characters like Ruapong (spelling?) Anakin's friend from Yavin IV (Conquest).

    Unfortunately, they'll never get the chance to change their society and it will end in a tragic lesson about Darkness as Kyp Durron, Jaina Solo, or perhaps even Mara Skywalker, or LEIA SOLO - she is in negotiations with the Empire and was an Imperial Senator - betrays the Jedi philosophy and the choices of the less agressive partisans - and wipes out ALL the Vong. Then, these dark warriors responsible for the genocide will only find a home in the Empire, having been ostracized or charged with treason in the Republic.

    The Empire would strengthen around a new Jedi warrior who was willing to use any means necessary. This does not make them a Sith Lord, but their followers who are Force-sensitive could become such.

    Kyp Durron likely should have learned his lessons about genocide with his experience with the Sun Crusher when he was just a Jedi Apprentice.

    Jaina Solo could be pushed to the edge if Jacen, Han, or Leia were killed. Anakin is but the first thorn.

    The same could be said about all the Solos, but I think that Jacen Solo will remain the one singularly MOST TRUE to the Jedi. Perhaps the Vong prediction of the Twin Fight will still come true.

    Leia is a hard one to sell this story evolution to. She watched Alderaan's complete wiping out. Would she ever consider doing that to another culture? Perhaps the deaths of more than enough of her family members - Jaina, Jacen, (Anakin already), Han, or Luke could push her to the edge. She might not think she's being evil - Anakin Skywalker never did - and take up the legacy of her father. In that generation, Luke will always be true to the Jedi way. He's walked the Dark Path before.

    Luke is the slightest possibility: since he's been on the Dark Side, he might go for it, thinking he could control his moral decline if it was "just this one tiny's only 100,000,000 people..." Adolf Hitler also believed he was not evil and he was just creating more jobs and housing for Germans...

    But I think the Vong will end up being totally wiped out. The moral lesson in it is that this is what we originally wanted -as fans (of either the good guys destroying the enemy, or as fans wanting new adventures with the classic heroes beyond fighting the Vong stuff). In the end, one of our heroes or more will have acted shamefully, and we will be the ones with guilt on our conciousness for watching the entire Vong race be wiped out by one we'd inappropriately admired.

    Look for Shamed One characters or Vong Rebels to become very popular, liked "good guy" characters before they will be mercilessly sacraficed.

    Anyone about my predictions?
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