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Thread: jabba?

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    LEGO Star Wars 2003

    4475 Jabba's Message 44 pc $6.99
    C-3PO and Bib Fortuna minifigs; R2-D2

    Modular playsets anyone? I'll give those of you who whine that LEGO doesn't listen to the fans a moment to scurry off into a hole to think of something else to complain about This and the 4476 go with the 4480 (as in they literally work with the Palace set) to make your playscene even larger. This particular storyteller focuses on the two droids attempting to get into Jabba's Palace - even the rude 'eye droid' that greets them speaking Huttese is included here. Bib's lekku are a piece sitting on top of the minifig head - one sweet looking fig. Click here or on the image above to view a complete box shot of this set - due in the January 2003 assortment

    4476 Jabba's Prize 39 pc $6.99
    Boba Fett and Gamorrean guard minifigs; Han in Carbonite piece

    If you didn't get a Fett out of the 7144 Slave I, here's another opportunity - this is obviously Han hanging in the alcove, guarded by Fett and the pig . . . am I the only one thinking it should have been brown instead of green? Here's your chance to stock up on Gamorreans and Twi'leks! Click here or on the image above to view a complete box shot of this set - due in the January 2003 assortment.

    4480 Jabba's Palace 234 pc $29.99
    Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker minifigs; Jabba the Hutt, EV-9D9, power droid and B'Omarr Monk

    Playsets anyone? Jabba is made of three pieces. Ever think you'd see a 'slave' Leia minifig? I can see the adolescent fanboy emails now: "I must have that minifig, but I don't want the set". Looking forward to those . . . Two level playset with a droid torture chamber on the lower level - now all this thing needs is a rancor in the basement . . . Click here or on the image above to view a complete box shot of this set - due in the January 2003 assortment.

    yeah, i didn't just see all this... i swear

    they have pics of the packages up too

    jabba's message
    jabba's palace
    jabba's prize

    can't fricking wait!
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    COOL! I love the little B'Omarr Monk.

    I'm definately buying these sets, but where's the Rancor, possibly in another set?
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    Maybe that is another set, kept in secrecy. That Jabb is kinsa strange, i wish lego wold pantthat thing, and that gamorian guard...
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    Im with mrhat -- they need paint. I guess we can be glad they aint "yellow"

    The Jabba set looks cool -- that would be awsome if we get a Rancor.
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    Great new sets. Hope it is the tip of the iceberg for next year!

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    dude, these sets are off the meat rack!
    so hot right now!
    i'm buying all 3 with out hesitation!
    i really hope i didn't step on any toes posting this info here
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    these sets are among some of the best from What ive seen off them,not as good as the $90 Republic Gunship,but still aesome,the only coomplaint I have with these sets is that Jabba is Green,Jabba should be tan instead of green.
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    Those sets are flipping AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see what the other sets are.
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    These look really cool - only the "Jabba's Prize" leaves me a little "eh", the other 2 are totally neat-looking. I'll definitely have to buy a 2nd "Jabba's Message" to make the door bigger. I think green Jabba is fine, I like how he has his bowl of frogs, I hope his dais slides.
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    i agree, jabba's prize is kinda iffy, but its a good excuse to get another fett and han-sicle and an excellent excuse to get a gammorean guard.
    someone really needs to turn VB code back on btw.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D


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