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    Recently, several directly-unrelated situations have come up that all fall under the same heading - certain forumites are not respecting other forumites' rights to post or have a differing opinion without feeling harassed: This has got to stop.

    We all come to these forums to have fun by expressing our views via the discussion format with others who share our common interest - Star Wars. However, Star Wars is a multifaceted hobby and not everybody should be expected to see eye to eye with each other; sometimes that makes for great discussions of opposing opinions, lately though, far too many forumites (on both sides of various issues) have been disrespecting others' rights to expressing different opinions. This has come in the forms of:

    - personal attacks
    - harassment
    - vendetta posting (following a forumite into other discussion threads and continuing the argument)
    - thread takeovers (posting over and over about your argument without letting others get their say)

    The list goes on, but the problem remains the same, certain users have become intolerant of others' views. SSG is a forum for ALL views - whether they agree with yours or not; whether they are positive or negative - and we do not want to see these forums deteriorate into petty squables fueled by a lack of respect for a difference of opinion.

    This lack of respect also creates the "golden rule in action" effect, where you do not respect others and then become upset when others show you and your opinions the same disrespect. This creates a cycle - a downward spiral that does nobody any good - and we all need to work together to end this cycle.

    Please, help keep these forums a fun place to hang out by respecting everybody else's opinions - especially those that don't agree with you.

    In short, don't argue back and forth and since so many people have their signature lines set so that they are taking stabs at other members so I have turned off VB code for all signatures. We will start banning people if things do not turn around SOON!
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    Agreed Steve, but there is maybe 3-4 signatures that reference another member, and most of those are quotes from JT. Infact turning of the VB code now makes the entire forums look horrible with a bunch of coding showing up at the bottom. Hopefully you will atleast reverse that decision, since not only does it look like crap, links in their sigs are now broken with the code off.

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    [B]turning of the VB code now makes the entire forums look horrible with a bunch of coding showing up at the bottom. Hopefully you will atleast reverse that decision, since not only does it look like crap, links in their sigs are now broken with the code off. B]
    That's the idea and the next step is turning signatures off all together if this stuff isn't cleaned up.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    i bet i was part of the blame. i appologies and if you don't have any idea what i am talking about, then ok. if you would like to know, sirsteve, pm me.
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    I agree with you about the "respecting other's" thing, SirSteve! Thank you for making it clear that it will not be tollerated!

    But PLEASE put the VB code back on and leave the signatures .



    - at least the VB code for bold is still up, I can still do my PENDO! thing .
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    I was wondering what happened to the sigs... Come back soon VB code.
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    Sorry, I thought it was within boundaries to quote a supermoderator.

    Deleting it now . . .

    Loose lips sink ships, eh ?

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    I haven't been around much,but what I have seen is pretty sad.It seems to me that most here can respect each other.Some will not.Get rid of them.People have been warned enough SS.Spare the 98% good and get rid of the 2% bad.They are not worth the effort.
    There is a few here that are hell benmt not to get along.By arrogance or deliberate thinly vailked threads that are nothing more than just inflamatory.You and JT know who these folks are.They don't offer anything to this site because At the root they have no respect for anyone.They play to their own over inflated egos and not to two sided opinion sharing.
    Get rid of them before they destroy these forums
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    SirSteve, I have to thank you very much for posting this. For one thing, you have saved me the trouble of posting it, and another thing, I'm sure it will improve the problem. Some of the things I have been seeing around here lately are sickening. I love these forums, you guys are like my second family, even the ones I don't know. I don't like seeing people fighting each other (Etc.) on the forums, and I know the people will listen to you and JT and the moderators. And we all know what can happen if they don't...
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    Man what happened, I'm just glad I wasn't part of it To be honest I haven't seen any sig-lines like the one you guys are talking about.
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