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    New comic

    Someone told me that a comic just came out that has Vader vs. Maul! Anyone seen it yet? I wonder if it worth the effort to look for?

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    You're referring to Star Wars Tales #9. It just showed up on the comic rack where I live, but I assume it's been out for a little bit now.
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    Didn't see the board when I posted this. Sorry about that.

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    No problem.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Now, Jedi Tricks, would your post be considered post padding? Just wondering... But there's a thread on the topic, "Tales #9," in this very section, hamsterboy!
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    Exclamation Yes

    It has been out for a while now. It is rather tricky to find now in my area though, but it is DEFINITELY worth reading. It is awesome!
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    To Bel-Cam: as I said before, I did not see it(the post) or this board when I posted it. This was originally in the General Forum. I truely did not see the comic book part at the end of the Video Games/Cards/Comics and Books. I goofed.


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