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    Question Re-Resculpts: what do you do with the old ones?

    When Hasbro makes re-resculpts, what do you do with the old ones?

    For myself, I like to make movie scenes and dioramas with my SW collection. I made custom shelves (some are 7' long and 7' 1/2" tall) for each movie. I'm a die hard collector and have been collecting since 95 so I like to keep the new & old resculpts (even the He-man Luke) on my shelves. When new figs came out, I used to determine how many doubles I would need to complete my scenes. Now with Hasbro making so many resulpts I only buy one of each. I now have a big box in my walk-in closet where figs will never see the light of day again (some of these were the ones that I only bought one of each). I'd sell them on Ebay or something but they are out of the package and I barely get a penny for them. I bought the Saga X-wing, but I also have the two last ones( FX and POTF). I was going to put it with my Dagobah scene but it's too big (I left the POTF in there because of room) so I'm thinking of haging it from the ceiling. I already have the ESB Slave 1 (and working on a Bepin landing pad diorama for it) that I can use ONLY for one scene, so to keep from tossing more money into the dark closet box, I'll pass on the new one that has been talked about.
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    I usually give the old versions of figures, or figures I am just sick of, to my nephews. I must have given them like 200 figures by now, much better than them rotting away in a box in the closet (which is what I used to do with them).
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    Yeah, I'm kinda like bigbarada. I have a little brother who usually gets the crap toys I don't want anymore.

    The poor kid probably has like 5 Tatooine Lukes and 9 Endor Hans.
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    I'm more like JediHunter. As I work on displaying my collection I make each shelf a 'zone'. There's a tatooine zone (or two) a mini-rig zone, a Naboo zone, an imperial zone ...etc. That way I can use many of the re-sculpts. It means I can have an ANH Luke in four different zones (although one wil be accompanied by Monkey-Leia, but they'll be at the back.

    Actually, you'v given me an idea to put the first two POTF2 waves on their own to show how far we have (or have not, depending on your Saga views) come!
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    Im always in flux. One of my favorite displays was mimicking the poster released in 98 as a checklist of all however many figures there'd been released up until sneak preview Mace and Battle Droid. I loved having it (almost - still missing the stupid EU figures and 2 others) on my shelves.

    With rescultps and dioramas I see no conflict. Use both old and new to show some variation in your troops - good example is the rebel fleet troopers - I have a few of each and it looks cool. Imperial troops even more so. By the way, we need some new Imp troop resculpts on the TIE Pilot and DS gunner. Sounds like "Dear Hasbro" time.

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    I keep everything I buy, all the figures are arranged in ABC order, one shelf for each movie (TPM is most crowded, ESB is least - c'mon Hasbro mor ESB!).
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    I don't buy some of the new figures if they are resculpts:

    Figures I turned down:

    Luke Blast Shield
    Leia All New Likeness
    Anakin Skywalker (spirit - Flashback)
    Leia Ceremony (Flashback)
    Padme Ascension Gun
    Luke X-wing POTJ
    Han Endor Raid
    Luke Bespin (saga)
    Chewie Bespin Escape
    Darth Maul (EU)
    Darth Maul (Saga)
    Qui-Gon (Saga)

    I'm sure there's more but I feel nostalgic for my '95's even, and leave them in the scenes.

    I too buy however many figures I think I'll need to do scenes - like 11 Anakin Hanger Duels. OK - I went out and bought that many.

    I think I needed 4 Palpatines - done deal. Etc.

    If they make a better sculpt later on, oh well... If I can make an excuse for a new scene, I'll buy it. Like I bought Han Bespin Capture to witness Luke in the new Bacta Tank and so on...

    Figures I don't have, I'll appreciate more when I see them in your collection. Get it?
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    My strategy is more along the lines of what Tycho said. I just don't buy the resculpts.

    Some stuff I've passed on, or plan to pass on...

    Saga Ki-Adi-Mundi
    Saga Saesee Tiin
    POTJ X-Wing Luke
    POTJ Han (blue pants)
    POTJ Han (bespin)
    Cantina sets (Hammerhead, Greedo, Ponda Baba, Wuher, Dr. Evazan)
    Saga Obi-Wan (deluxe)
    Jango Fett (sneak preview and deluxe)
    POTJ Lando (bespin)
    POTJ Jar Jar Binks
    Anniversary sets (Han/Chewy, Luke/Leia, Vader/Ben)
    Saga Dagobah X-wing
    Saga Landspeeder

    Right now, the whole resculpt thing is just annoying to me. There is a lot of stuff coming out that I just pass on. I just keep the first sculpt version. I suppose this strategy saves me money in the end, which is always a good thing, but I find the lack of new toys a bit annoying. I want Hasbro to do new characters instead of just resculpting the olds ones over and over again.

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    They always want to have the main characters out there in one version or another so that new collectors and novelty buyers can have a crack at them.

    The thing is: there are still movie versions of many of the main characters that have not yet been done, and there are expanded universe versions that are close enough, some novelty collectors won't mind.

    Luke - Medical robes from ESB, Jedi Master from NJO, Endor
    Leia - Bespin Gown, Medical robes, Chief of State NR, Jedi Apprentice
    Han Solo - New Jedi Order (dressed in black), Corellian General's uniform
    Chewbacca - last stand (NJO)
    Lando- smuggler from ESB, Mining Baron (HTTE), NR Special Forces
    R2D2- sailbarge, new lightsaber launcher, Battle of Yavin damaged
    C-3PO - Jabba's sailbarge escape (slime, eye out), Ewok God
    Obi-Wan - Jedi Apprentice, Kamino Rain Battle, Jedi Temple E2
    Anakin - Jedi Temple E2
    Mace Windu - Jedi Temple, Robe Aflame, Hologram
    Padme - only about 13 versions from AOTC, 5 from TPM
    Jango Fett - Kamino apartment
    Nute Gunray - AOTC
    Lott Dodd - AOTC

    only Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Qui-Gon, JarJar seem to be over-made without new possiblities.

    Now I bought the POTJ Lando and did a scene from the comic "Underworld" because the comic was so good and the figures I could use just rocked: Lando, Han CommTech, Chewie Mechanic, Boba Fett 300, and I used the cantina sets to get more aliens (quantity) and a bar base to recreate Dexter's Diner. Again, I used the POTJ Han Bespin, to stand watch over Luke Bacta in a scene where I add Leia Hoth, FX-7, and 2-1B, and K-3PO just to get some of those new figures into a scene with appropriate extra characters.

    Some of the resculpts I mentioned were just too good. But I'm usually alright at ignoring them. When you do build dioramas and want 16 of some Clone figure, you love to skip other figures that you won't need for anything. Besides, don't the previous, weaker sculpts, still hold nostalgic value?
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    only Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Qui-Gon, JarJar seem to be over-made without new possiblities.
    Well, there are a couple versions of atleast a few of those charecters that still could be produced.

    Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet in the correct scale with a 2-peice helmet. That is rumored for this year, so that will be good. A better Rejuvination chamber, like that came with the vintage Star Destroyer playset could include another Vader as well. Darth Vader: Funeral Pyre is always a option as well.

    Count Dooku would be nice to have articulated so that he can sit. He could come with his chair from the arena box. An EU version of him in Jedi robes would be nice as well.

    Darth Maul has been done to death, let the charecter die for cripes sake. Only time I want to see another Maul is as a pack-in with his Sith Infiltrator.

    Qui-Gon has been done to death also. Only thing we haven't gotten was a battle damaged or funeral pyre Qui-Gon. An EU padawan Qui-Gon to go with the EU Dooku: Jedi Master would be nice also.

    Jar Jar Binks has had plenty of E1 figures. The swimming version and the POTJ one with tounge pretty much are perfect for any E1 scenes. A re-sculpt of his Senate Address outfit is needed, since he doesn't look right with Palpy and Orn Free Taa in his quasi action pose. The outfit from earlier in the film with the sparkly robe and the fancy epaulettes is also needed.

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