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    In the words of Dark Lord Monty Burns " Excellent"

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    Originally posted by Darth Cruel
    The Imperial Officer is every bit as exciting to me. JT - what did you mean with the comment about how much Hasbro piled on this figure. Were you referring to the articulation or do you know something about accessories that I haven't read yet.
    Yes, I meant they packed a lot of articulation into that sucker. "The Imperial officer has a nice range of articulation, I was shocked to see how much Hasbro packed on to this bad boy."
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    Heh, these look preety sweet. However, I am already getting a headache thinking about how impossible it will be to find them.

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    This is the first post for me in this new forum and I really like its spunky new look.

    OK, back to the topic. These 2 figs are the ones I'm waiting for after getting the Sandtrooper. They are just way too cool and can't wait for especially the RFT. Gotta do a Tantive IV diorama when I can lay my hands on a handful of them

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    Don't worry about finding them. I'm sure with the collector minded approach Hasbro claims to be taking they will ship more than 1 per case. You must also factor in that the stores you shop in actually have to ORDER the product. The issue of scalpers is there too, but who is worse to the fellow who can't find a Sandtrooper? A scalper or an army building collector? We are often our own worst enemies. I have 5 Sandtroopers (so far). When these guys come out I WILL buy every one I see. In my experience there's no such thing as... too many. You just have to be lucky and fast. I thumb through the pegs about 5-6 times a week when the store opens. If you have that kind of time you shouldn't have problems finding what you're looking for. Luckily for me I get off work half an hour before the stores open.

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    They look awesome! These will probably be hard to find, despite what ChronicJedi said. I look forward to their release. Hasbro could re-do all the "armies" figures: Hoth Soldier, Snowtrooper, Endor Soldier, X-Wing Pilot, TIE Pilot, etc.

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    I want at least 8 new RFTs and 4 new Imp Officers. The more I think about the new RFT, the more of that figure I want! It's driving me MAD!!!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    When exactly are these figures supposed to be released? IF it's within three months of Ep2's premiers then there might be a problem finding them, because most stores will put aside POTJ orders to stock up on Ep2. In their mind Star Wars is Star Wars and we're not supposed to care which figure we get as long as it says Star Wars on the card.

    Hopefully, Ep1 scared enough toy aisle managers into taking it easy on the backstock. I know that at military exchange stores they've been ordered never to order Star Wars toys again due to getting burned on Ep1 figures.

    However, if the POTF2 Flashback wave is any indication then these figures will be plentiful when the Ep2 craze dies down.
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    Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Hasbro, the company who brought us such one-pose wonders as Chessmaster Chewie and Coruscant Guard is giving us articulation?!

    I am beside myself with amazement and wonder. Who would have thought hasblow would have gone this route? The articulation is just flat-out awesome. Being able to finally pose them in more than one fashion is great! Besides that, the actual sculpts are just sweet! My first impression is that these guys look to be at the top of the evolutionary ladder for figures.

    If we could get more imperial and rebel personnel, like a new DS trooper or hoth soldier, that would be awesome.

    Let's hear it for Hasbro. Looks like they've finally made something we can all agree is good.
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    Thumbs up Rebel fleet trooper

    I can't wait to see one in person!!


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