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    what's the big deal?

    I saw the much anticipated Palm Talkers at TRU yesterday and I have to say that they didn't blow my hair back. In fact they were kindof stupid. What is the big deal with these things?
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    Yeah, they are definitely a waste of good plastic. I think the big deal is that the Japanese dig that style of toy and for some reason Hasbro thinks SW collectors will jump on the band wagon.

    I think they should just focus their efforts into making the best figures/vehicles/accessories possible. That's what the majority of the SW consumers buy, not crud like this.

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    Red face Well,

    I am personally not into them, but i am sure some people will buy them. Me, no interest what so ever.
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    I haven't seen any in person yet, but I agree. They don't really do anything for me.
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    Thumbs down yessiree

    They are pretty lame. I haven't seen them in person either, but just look at them! I probably will buy all of them for my display, but I won't be thrilled about them!
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    I'll save my money for the new POTJ figures. I have no interest in the Palm-Talkers whatsoever.
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    They kinda suc*!

    I hope they warm the pegs,if it has the Star Wars logo on it,it will sell - Hasbro!

    I will not be buying them
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    I saw a Boba Fett palm talker at TRU earlier this week. They kinda resemble bobble head dolls. But Hasbro has taken enough money from my pocket and I won't get sucked in on those silly little things.
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    Thumbs up

    I saw all of them at Frank-n-Scalper's last weekend. They would be cool for VERY small kids...but that is about it IMO.
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    My girlfirend can't wait to get her hands on these things. She thinks they're cute. I don't think they're too bad.
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