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    Well, that sucked...

    Grrr, my comp crashed this morning and I had to restore it to factory settings. I lost my address book, Photoshop, Office and numerous media I had picked up over the months. It took me a few goes just get my internet account up and running again.

    Just wanted to vent, I hate computer crashes.
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    Ugh, that is horrible. It happened to me a while back. I got so fed up, I bought a new computer
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    My harddrive crashed a month ago so I understand your pain. After 7 years it gave up the ghost. Stupid computer.
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    Sorry to hear that, that sucks mightily.
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    I just got my computer back from an OS error with Windows ME, actually it was the 2nd time it happened. I was able to finally get XP though, and the people at the computer shop were able to move my files over to another computer's harddrive so I can start over. Have to reinstall every single program, but it's worth it to have WinME off.
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    Crashes are nasty, too bad thereDarth Nihilus.
    Removable data storage would be a good place to start now. Get whatever you save to your hard drive backed up. I only ever had one mighty crash due to the inexplicably nasty MTX virus which ate through the entire system. I lost whole media libraries and image banks. I lost countless hours of work on movie scripts and poetry.
    Now I back up everything including cookies and favourites each week. I use AHEAD Nero Burning Rom software which came with the CDRW drive.
    It saves a lot of heartache if something bad happens, call it damage linitation, you won't necessarily have the most recent work but everything else will be safe.

    I've also heard from many people that a ZIP drive works wonders. Haven't tried one to be honest so can't vouch for them. But if you lost everything for real you should at least think about a way to ssave data beyond the main hard drive.

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    Zip drive is pretty cool and *fairly* commonplace, but the disks are sorta expensive compared to stuff like CD-R.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I'm going to gowith a 40 Gb tape drive. Over-night backup.

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    yeah, zips are okay, but nothing beats a cd/dvd-r/w. zips come in two flavors - 100mb, and 250mb - nothing compared to even a cd... you could get a jaz drive, 1gb disks, but then you run into huge media costs.

    yeah, nothing like a good old disc burner!

    or you could install an extra hd, and use it STRICTLY as a back up, but then you don't have the use of it...

    are you able to get most of your programs back? if you can't get you original version of photoshop, i suggest looking around for photoshop 7 - it's lightyears beyond anything i've used before! unless you already were using 7, in which case you know what i'm talking about...
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    so to hear about that. but with i do you guess i like when the some one systems crash and do not know how it get it back up. but what can you say about repair men we all wait for something to break down. as far as zip going they are working on a drive the will be 750mb. guess zip with try to compete with cdrw again.


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