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    Supes, Bats, Palps.....???

    i thought "Supes" and "Bats" in reference to superman and batman was bad enough, but now on another forum, i've seen palpatine referred to as "Palps".

    what is the origin of the shortened nick names? is this some kind of comic book lingo/shorthand or something? am i the only one who finds this really annoying? just wondering.

    the term "Supes" or "Bats" seems like some really lame marketing attempt to make superman/batman relevant to generation "Y" or whichever letter we're on now.

    what's next, "Spides"???

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    Actually Supes and Bats are spoken in the franchises in the series and comics and even in the movies (kinda). They're mostly said by mobsters and people trying to act cool and all by shortening a name.

    "Palps" is just there cause sometimes you just don't want to spell the full Palpatine name.

    Actually I think they call Spider-Man "Spidey."
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    i figured it was a "comic book" thing. but wasn't sure since i don't read them, but i do recall one of the bums in the 1989 batman referring to batman as "the bat".

    still, it sounds goofy to me. if i was superman, i sure wouldn't want to be called "supes". sounds like he manages an apartment complex or something. "hey mom, the shower isn't working, call the supes."

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    I thought the commen shortning of Palpatine was Palpy. I know that that has even appeared in fan made spoofs of E1. There was even one with the E1 Palpatine figure flying around like a superhero named "Super Palpy".

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    Palpy I got from the guy's over at the HTF. I don't remember who first used it, but like LTBasker said somtimes it's just easier than typing out Palpatine.

    Also when Spiderman thinks something wrong, and his sense warns him, doesn't he call it his Spidey sense?

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    Shortening of someone's name and/or adding the "ee" sound at the end is indicative of familiarity with that person. Let's have a look:
    James = Jimmy. Steven = Stevey. Geofferey = Jeffy. Michael = Mikey. Palpatine = Palpy. Simple. Obviously those folks using "Supes", "Bats" and "Palps" feel comfortable enough around those entities to colloquialize their monikers, possibly indicating some affection for them. Goodness gracious, Im a nerd.

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    Goodness gracious, Im a nerd
    hey man, we all are. no matter how cool any of us think we are, anyone who spends time at a site discussing star wars get the picture.

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    I'm too old to care what cool is.

    Yes, I'm a Star Wars geek. Yes, I'm okay with that.

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    I'm with you derek, I can't stand it when people have a shortened nick name.
    Oh wait......

    Like I said, there's nothing wrong with having a nick name...

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    It's no worse surely than using acronyms for movie titles TPM, AOTC, ANH, ESB, ROJ. Could be worse, he could have been shortened to empy. ugh!


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