Just was checking out Figures.com, and saw that NECA has acquired the long impossible to get Hellraiser license. Originally McFarlane was after it, but Disney the company that owns Dimension Films didn't want toys of the Centobites out there. It seems that some progress has finally been made, and a plethora of merchandise is in the works. Action Figures, Busts, Prop Replicas,Lunchboxes, Shooters, Shirts, Stickers, Jackets, Hats and much more. A dream come true, here's the two articles and links as well.

NECA Acquires HELLRAISER License (9/25/2002)

Action figures, busts, props and more!

Many have tried, all have failed! Until now... NECA has opened the box to an entirely new dimension of terror. For the first time ever NECA will deliver an entire line of licensed "Hellraiser" collectibles. NECA's master license will include all categories such as Action Figures, Busts, Prop Replicas,Lunchboxes, Shooters, Shirts, Stickers, Jackets, Hats and much more. Watch for further details in weeks to come.

"Hellraiser" was released to shocked audiences in 1987 by renown writer of the macabre Clive Barker. Directed and written by Barker, the film spun the tale of solving a puzzle cube- the Lamont Configuration - a doorway to hell. It also introduced the world to the Cenobites, angels to some, demons to others, whose greatest pleasure is the greatest pain.

HELLRAISER Update (10/03/2002)

New info on upcoming action figures and collectibles.

As we announced last week, NECA had been awarded the master license to produce collectibles based on Hellraiser.

New details have now surfaced.

*Rights include all SIX Hellraiser movies. For those doing the math and are baffled, a sixth movie is currently in the works. Entitled "Hellraiser: Hellseeker" and scheduled for direct video in the next couple months, this movie will reunite fans with Pinhead, as well as introducing horror hounds to several new Cenobites including "The Surgeon".

*Figures will be 7" in scale - in other words they will blend in nicely with your McFarlane Tortured Souls collection. The original Cenobite gang are certainly on the platter: Pinhead, Butterball, the Chatterer, and female. With all 6 flicks under their belt, NECA has over 20 Cenobite characters to choose from...

*A high end Lament Configuration (the cube) Prop Replica is being worked on.

*Resin Busts are being worked on.

Stay glued for further news...


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