View Poll Results: What vehicle do you want to see made next?

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  • Darth Maulís Sith Infiltrator

    248 23.87%
  • The Clone Armyís AT-TE Walker

    280 26.95%
  • The Imperial Landing Craft

    77 7.41%
  • The Twin Pod Cloud Car

    109 10.49%
  • Jabba the Huttís Sailbarge

    325 31.28%
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    I would also like to see the Escape Pod, C-3PO and R2 landed on Tatooine with as well.
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    Jabbs Sailbarge would be awsome! -- Here are a few reasons.

    1. We could have a GREAT place to put Jabba for display -- assuming the sides would open for "internal playtime"

    2. We could adapt "leia Sail Barge Gun" into the playset. Frankly, mine doesn't look all that cool just sitting on the table -- I have to explain what it is all the time -- if it were attached to where it should go, people might just go " OH YEA -- THATS COOL"

    3. They could make little panals open on the sides so luke can pull out skiff guards and plunge them to their death. (Might even make the doors metal and relaese a new Jedi Luke with magnets in his hands so he could hold onto the side of the ship.

    4. The set could come with the exclusive "bartender R2-D2" that I have seen so many of you wish for.

    5. The sail barge could come with those clear stands the 12" speeder bikes came with so it could be displayed and "leaned" to simulate damage"

    6. There could be trap doors on deck that guards could pop out of, and include pegs so figures could be positioned on the deck.

    I could go on and on -- but I think you get the point. Sailbarge would be a better value toy to be offered.

    Sith Infiltration did not get much "airtime" so what could you "imagine" that it would do? What Accessories would it have?
    It would be just another Darth Vader Tie Fighter with a BIG NOSE!

    The AT-TE would be cool -- but lets get something great for the ROTJ before we go into EPII -- Besides, the chances of us seeing the AT-TE in EPIII might be good.

    The Twin Pod Car would be a great second choice -- but I need a bigger ship to add to my collection.

    And the Imperial landing craft can stay a micromachine collectible -- no play value in my opinion. We are getting the shuttle -- thats enough -- they look ALOT ALIKE !!

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    sith infiltrator
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    sail barge would be cool but i think it would just be too big and too expensive. I cant even bring my self to buy the Republic Gunship. Sail barge would be at least double that size. Rather have the skiff than the barge. We need another Maul related item like we need a stick up the butt. He's dead- he's gone - never gonna reapear- get over it- I could say the same about a certain bounty hunter family..... I voted for the cloud car- very cool design- not seen in forever- and affordable.
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    It's a toss up between the sail barge, which would have to be huge, and the sith infiltrator, which would have to have some nice features. I'm really surprised the infiltrator hasn't been made yet. They've released everything else that's Maul-related, so why not his ship? It could have a deployment ramp, some electronic lights and sounds, a place to keep the tragically named "Sith Speeder", fold-up wings, a holding pen for future initiates (or you could use it as a closet to keep all of Maul's different outfits), and an exclusive Hologram Darth Sideous (for all of us who never managed to find one at a decent price).

    The sail barge could have removable top or side panels for interior play or battle damage, firing cannons on top, a sound chip, guard stations, a brig, plenty of places to put all those Tatooine creature figures they keep releasing, and at least 2 pack-in figures (Absolut R2, and maybe a new Jedi Luke, a 3PO with gouged-out eye, a posable Salacious Crumb, a Jabba that can turn his head to the side, or a new skiff guard).

    I voted for the infiltator, because it would probably be closest to my price range.

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    I voted for the Cloud Car. I really would like Hasbro to finish off with remaking the vintage stuff. I would also really like to see a re-made Rebel Transport. (I owned the vintage when I was a kid, and loved it. It was the biggest ship I ever got!)
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    I voted for the Sith Infiltrator. We NEED this ship!
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    The MTT, but for the choices given the AT-TE, it's just as cool as the MTT.

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    I'd like to see a Sail Barge, but agree w/ most of you that it wouldn't be big enough. Look what Kenner did to the Executor back in the '80's, and what Hasbro did to the Bomber. It would have to be at least as big as the Queen's ship.

    My vote went for AT-TE even though it has a fairly good chance of being produced. I'd like a Sith Infiltrator, but can wait.
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    Well I would vote for the cloud car, but it says my session is over??? I tried about 10 times, Oh well Hasbro doesn't care what we want anyways.;(
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