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  • Darth Maulís Sith Infiltrator

    248 23.87%
  • The Clone Armyís AT-TE Walker

    280 26.95%
  • The Imperial Landing Craft

    77 7.41%
  • The Twin Pod Cloud Car

    109 10.49%
  • Jabba the Huttís Sailbarge

    325 31.28%
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    Jabba's Sail Barge is the obvious choice for me, we haven't exactly been blessed with many Jabba playsets (except the cardboard throne room), and the whole Jabba scene is one of the coolest things about the Starwars universe.
    The release of the SailBarge would also(hopefully) pave the way for more henchmen, skiff guards, bounty hunters as wellll as some new sculpts of the heroic characters ie;C-3PO with green glooop and dangling eye, bartender R2-D2, battle damage Chewbacca(ok so we don't really need him...) plus the long awited Jedi Luke resculpt.
    Hey! We might actually get a Jabba the Hutt circa ROTJ!

    But seriously, regardless of price, this would be the ultimate playset depicting one of the coolest batttles featuring the raddest aliens. Bossk could actually join in the battle this time!
    Add to him Ephant Mon,ROTJ Boba Fett,new release Klaatu, the human guards(fluffy earmuff grey man,black cloth on face skiff man) Viggriev(Elom),Hermi Odle,Ishi Tib,J'Quille,Doallyn, half a dozen weequay and nikto guards, plus all the other scum and I'm in heaven!!

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    I tried to vote but it wouldn't let me. I was trying to vote for the Twin Cloud Car. It was a hard choice between that and the Sith Infiltator. The reason I choosed the Twin Cloud Car is because it's a vintage classic that has not been done yet. The Escape Pod would be a good one too.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Tycho, I circumvented the apostrophe problem by using an alternate version that wouldn't create those backslashes.

    I almost didn't vote, nothing here really got me to say "that'd be a toy I'd want and be able to get", but I went with the Cloud Car... barely, because I already have the vint one.

    The sail barge would have gotten my vote except I picture it being more difficult to buy than the Imp Shuttle.
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    I voted to Jabba's sailbarge. It's always been a vehicle I've want and would love to see it tried. But until we get a ROTJ Jabba I don't have hopes for it. The Infiltrator is another I'd really love to see done. As for the others, I could live without a new cloud car and AT-TE. But a full hearted no the landing crap. I think the design is lame and doesn't fit well with other ANH vehicles.
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    I voted for the Sith Infiltrator because:

    a) the Sail Barge would probably be too expensive

    b) the AT-TE will probably be made anyways

    c) the Sith Infiltrator was supposed to happen

    d) kids would probably buy the Sith Infiltrator over the Sail Barge because it looks cooler

    Don't get me wrong, the Sail Barge would be very awesome and is definitely my second choice, but would be way too expensive, the SI would probably be like $30-$40 well the SB would probably be at least $80.

    I think a Jabba's Palace playset could be cooler than the Sail Barge. It could be raised and have a trapdoor for figures to fall through (if the lower level was big enough for the Rancor, it would probably stand too high, so if it was at least raised a couple inches for a figure to fall into, I think that would be better than nothing), and you could set up Ephant Mon, Oola, Amanaman, Ree Yees, Jabba's Dancers, the Max Rebo Band in there and everyone else. It would probably also get more figures made just to fill it up with characters from that scene.

    Just my two cents.
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    This is way off the subject, but I should do a playset poll?

    The choices? (let's start w. one from each movie):

    ANH - Death Star (section builder sets?)
    ESB - Cloud City redeaux (including better Freezing Chamber)
    ROTJ - Jabba's Palace (feed the Rancor, unfreeze Han)
    TPM - Royal Palace (break back in and take down Nute!)
    AOTC - Kamino (land Slave-One, clone Jango Fett!)


    ANH - finished cantina using Wal*Mart exclusive sets offered now.
    ESB - Echo Base - like Micro Hoth World, wampa cave incl.
    ROTJ - Emperor's Throne Room
    TPM - Galactic Senate (think of all the aliens you could display!)
    AOTC - Droid Factory (the full deal)

    More alternates might include Yavin Base, Lars' homestead, Dagobah Jedi Training, Endor Shield Generator, Ewok Village, Pod Race arena, Watto's shop, Otah Gunga, Padme's Coruscant Apartment, Dexter's Diner, Club Outlander - ok...I'll stop.

    Hmmmm. A poll with 10 choices would not be appreciated by the management here (most likely).

    I might have to narrow the list down.

    I think I will suggest a 6 poll series: 1 for each movie, and a run-off for the top set between the 5 film winners.

    But there's no way that the Sailbarge and Jabba's Palace can one-up the other. They're both so necessary!

    When you guys are voting "yes" for these, are you opening enough of your figures to justify buying these ships and playsets?

    You do intend to open and display these playsets and VEHICLES, right?
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    Hey Everyone,

    I've submitted a few news articles but this is my first post in the forums.

    I voted for the Cloud Car. Given the major cash out lay for recent items like the Gunship & X-wing, and with the Shuttle, Battle Arena & Sandcrawler still to come - it would be nice to have something that they haven't redone yet, is totally cool and would be easy on the wallet.

    My opinions on the other choices: (all of which are good and I would definitely buy)

    Sith Infiltrator: always thought it looked cool, true Maul is gone, but look at the actual screen time Boba Fett got, and he's an icon. I mean who doesn't love BF and wouldn't buy anything related? Maul falls into the same category if you ask me.

    AT-TE: you can never go wrong with anything that starts with AT.

    Imperial Landing Craft: my least favorite of the choices, it's always cool to see anything that hasn't been produced before but I agree with the opinion that it's too close to the Shuttle. let's wait a year until the happy new Shuttle glow wears off.

    Sailbarge: a double edged sword, I like the idea of having a place to put a Jabba but if it was scaled to compliment the Skiff, it would cost a small fortune. if they make it any smaller then scaled to the Skiff, I think it will be a disappointment.

    Of everyone else's non-choices - I don't think there's been a bad idea yet.

    Hoth is my favorite so my non-choice would be a new Rebel Transport.

    My non-choice for something that has never been done before would be a Rebel pilot transport. (think Luke jumping off before the battle of Hoth) I think it would display great sitting amongst all our rebel fighters. it could even come with a little ladder to hang off the X-wing and crane dealie for loading the droids. (ok, perhaps I've gone to far)

    A bit off topic I know but, my opinions on some of the other recent vehicles:

    Republic Gunship: Love it! it's still in the box but I can't stop looking at it.

    TRU X-wing: $65 CDN I didn't really need to spend on muddy R2 and yet another X-wing.

    TRU Landspeeder: still not convinced that we needed this either.

    FAO Shuttle Tydirium: this is going to hurt me bad and I still can't wait. there aren't any FAO's in Canada so I'll have to drive to States or get one on eBay. at $120 USD retail, it's going to be about $300 CDN by the time you factor in all the extras.(gas/shipping, sales tax/higher than 120 winning bid, duty and the conversion rate on the dollar)

    hope I haven't babbled on too long.


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    I voted sith infiltrator
    usualy I don't buy any vehicles but this one I would consider to buy (cause I'm a big maul fan)
    it would be cool to have an exclusive darth maul pilot, maybe a rehash from the sith speeder...j/k
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    Hey does anyone read what others post??? Two members want to vote, but the site will not let us. What's up Mod's? Is it something I'm doing wrong, I have voted in the past.
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    The sail barge would be a nice piece to add to the collection, but we all know if they were to produce this bad boy it would either be really cheaply made or it would be limited to 1,138 pieces due to the cost. If we were lucky it would be scaled and not some jumbled piece of jabba poo, that we usually get from hasbro. The ideas of a escape pod, new dagobah playset, SARLAC PIT, even a jabbas palace would be cool. Well, I wouldn't get my hopes up for much of that folks, the days of cool scale ships and playsets is still a long ways away.
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