I think this should be broken up into three polls: 1) the low price point vehicles (Cloud Cars, land speeders, etc) 2) the mid-range vehicles (AT-TE, Sith Infiltrator, etc) and 3) the large vehicles (Sail Barge, capital ships, etc). This way I wouldn't have to dismiss anything based on possible pricepoint alone. Plus that is the way Hasbro stated they would run Fan Choice vehicle polls.

The Sail Barge would be very nice, but I doubt I would ever buy one, too big and too expensive.

I never really liked the look of the Imperial Landing Craft, and it would be waaay too big if made into a toy, and waaaaay too expensive for a vehicle design I'm not all that crazy about.

The Cloud Car is cool, but you can still get a vintage one at a decent price, I paid $34 for mine. Plus the canopies have the annoying tendency to pop open and dump the pilots whenever you do barrel rolls.

Sith Infiltrator would be really nice and I never understood why Hasbro didn't make one, especially with how popular Darth Maul was in the early days of TPM. Just goes to prove that no matter how "sure thing" a vehicle seems to be, it doesn't mean that Hasbro will actually make it. Keeping that in mind......

I voted for the AT-TE! I believe this to be one of the coolest vehicle designs I have ever seen in a Star Wars film. If done right, it could be one of the highlights of the Star Wars toy line.