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Thread: Bye-bye jar-jar

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    Bye-bye jar-jar

    Am i the only person who thinks that GL missed out on a great opportunity to blow Jar-Jar to kingdom come in the opening scene of AOTC?

    I mean, I can work it out that he was pretty much already on Coruscant (who was watchig him to ensure that he doesn't break anything?) - but my way was so much better. Bail could've done the dirty deed in the senate.
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    Why blow up Jar-Jar? I doubt Jar-Jar was really ever a target because they doubted a Gungan could do any harm, whereas the lead Senator - Padme - would be the one to target. Jar-Jar I'm guessing was just basically the Ambassador for the Gungans, and so he was like a back-up Senator for Naboo that no one really expected to try to take Padme's actions for the Senate.
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    It was more4 of a personal wish to blow him up, than for plot purposes. I was just speculating that if jar-jar had travelled with the rest of the naboo party he could've been caught in the attack and made many fans happy.

    unless, they were fans.
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    if they blew him up, palpatine wouldn't have had the dumb patsy he needed to give him emergency powers. JJB was set up to be the naive, trusting, somewhat clumsy character that would inadvertently create the power for a mad man to take over the galaxy.
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    good lord.......people still b!tching about Jar Jar.....

    ....get over it........

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    I don't know who is more obsessed, the people that hate Jar Jar, or the people like me that love him. As for the blowing him up thing, like was said above then Palpy would never have gotten his supreme powers. Plus I'm sure that he has an important part to play in E3 as well.

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    I don't think he should have been blown up there. The little smegger has grown on me .

    I would like to see JJB die in a Star Wars movie (no personal reason, just a reason for why he's not in the OT) but I don't think it should be done like that. This is how I'd like to see him die .

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    Actually....I quite like that Idea.

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    Just when I thought we wouldn't have to suffer through yet another Jar-Jar-Hate-thread.

    I'm not obsessed over Jar Jar at all, I just think he is an awesome character like Chewie and Artoo. The ones who are still obsessed with hating him after 3 years probably need to seek some psychological help.
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    Yeah, Jar Jar can't die. We need see him kicking some wookie's *** in EP3. And then we'll all get a big laugh out of it when it turns out to be Chewie.


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