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    Geonosis Battle Arena - Oh, I got one :)

    I was on my merry way back to OK from MS late last night and stopped at the ka-zillionth Wal-Mart along the way expecting to find the exact same nuttin' I found at all the others.

    Much to my pleasant surprise, there were two Geonosis Battle Arena's on the shelf! I inspected them both and bought the best one. (Of course, there were no signs of any figures newer than Mace Windu with "Stinging Dump" facial expression.)

    I don't open my stuff, so as far as I know there's 8 lbs of rocks and dirt in the box. But, I'm stoked because the box looks great and will display very well. (If I can find a bleepity-bleepin' spot in my office)


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    Well thanks for that useful and glowing report.

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    That is awesome!!

    Perhaps one day, if I keep pluggin' away at my Weekly World News issues and eating paint chips, my posts will be able to attain the cultural, sociological, and, dare I say, psychological impact that do yours, Jargo.

    But, alas, I continue to dream......


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    ahhhhh!!! you lucky %#@%@!!!! i'm jealous!!!! i'm score mine when i'm home for winter break. Congrats though!!!

    Is your quote from "Men at work" by any chance? it sounds very familiar!
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    Not "Men at Work", but good guess.

    This movie had skiing in it and the dude who played "Booger" from Revenge of the Nerds is in it.


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    I could never understand why people don't open at least the non-window box vehicles and playsets. It would drive me crazy.

    Oh Well,

    Congrats on your find Jango.
    Powdered Toast Man!

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    Tempted? Of course I am. However, if I were to open this HUGE sucker, in the end I would have no place to display it and it would sit in a closet at my house. As it is, it is in a nice little display area with my other SW stuff.

    So, with things of this size, I don't open for two reasons: I prefer my stuff unopened; and I would have no place to put this thing if it were opened.

    I feel your pain, though


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    Just like Xizor, I have no idea why you wouldn't open things, even if space was an issue!
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    The never-dying "Open or Not" debate....

    I don't do it. If I do, I buy another to keep unopened. I prefer the way they display in their packaging. If anyone wants to open their stuff, knock yourselves out.

    Short, sweet, to the point


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    What is the point of having a big box? Open the stupid thing and give us a REAL review. I don't give a bloody toad's wart that you bought a very expensive box. You can keep those bits of news to yourself. Tell us about the toy once you've opened the box!!!

    As far as I'm concerned... until you open the box... you don't have the Arena Playset.
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