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    You're right about my math, Padawan.

    I meant to say 3 of each kind of position on the Council.

    LOL, Emperor Jargo... I digress.

    Now the breakdown of the Council was in the Episode One Visual Dictionary by DK Books (makers of the Incredible Cross-Section books on the Star Wars Vehicles).

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    maybe i can resolve the issue bettween jargo and tycho...since i posted it...jargo is RIGHT! it IS about who will fight...
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    Cool will we get to see all the jedi council battle at the arena?

    ...only the ones who respect Jargo's Authoritah!!!
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    Anyways, I think well see non-council members in the arena with the exception of Mace and Yoda (OK maybe one more).
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    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    For a start, the academics like madame Jocasta Nu and Yaddle won't be there.
    You're certainly correct that Yaddle won't be there !

    Originally posted by Tycho
    However, SaeSae Tiin is in the film, Yaddle as well (with speaking lines for the latter).
    Now THAT hurts!
    We go from Yaddle in a speaking role to Yaddle being dead before AOTC?

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    *sniff* Ouch indeed........

    Wonder what Yaddles last words were......

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    " It's ...not easy...being green...... *gasp* "

    Wha'choo talkin 'bout Hasselhoff?

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    Or perhaps:

    "Say, that's a neat lightsaber you've got there. I've never seen one curved like that before. What did you say you name was...?"
    Wha'choo talkin 'bout Hasselhoff?

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    Maybe she died in a terrible test flight accident in the Delta 7 starfighter because someone forgot to put the booster seat in?

    maybe she just got lost in the temple and starved to death trying to find her way back to the council chamber?

    Maybe someone thought she was a muppet and tried to shove their hand up her.......?

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    Latest information says she has no speaking lines. I could have been wrong like I was that 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 12.

    I've learned that it does not.
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