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    Favorite Characters

    Who is your favorite SW character? Similar to Pendo's movie thread, these are the categories:
    *Favorite good guy (also just plain old non-heroes, like Shmi or something)
    *Favorite bad guy
    *Favorite Force-wielder
    *Favorite droid
    *Favorite type of trooper

    Here's mine:
    *Favorite good guy - Yoda
    *Favorite bad guy - Darth Vader
    *Favorite Force-wielder - Other than Yoda, Mace Windu
    *Favorite droid - i'm not sure
    *Favorite type of trooper - Biker Scout
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    good guy: Luke Skywalker
    bad guy: Jar Jar Binks
    force wielder: Obi Wan Kenobi
    droid: Jake Lloyd
    trooper: yellow clone commander

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    Favorite Good Guy: Master Mace Windu
    Favorite Bad Guy: Darth Vader w/ Dooku a close 2nd
    Force Wielder: Master Mace Windu
    Favorite Droid: R2
    Favorite Trooper: Clone Troopers (ALL)

    and I'd like to add

    Favorite Bounty Hunter: Jango Fett

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    *Favorite good guy : Yoda
    *Favorite bad guy : Count Dooku
    *Favorite Force-wielder : Yoda
    *Favorite droid : Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, & Droideka/Destroyer Droid.
    *Favorite type of trooper : Clonetrooper
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    good guy Chewie
    bad guy Boba Fett
    Force-wielder: YodA
    Droid: Droideka
    Trooper: X-Wing Pilots

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    Good: Han Solo
    Bad: Darth Vader
    Force: Darth Maul
    Droid: R2-D2
    Trooper: Tie Figher Pilot
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    Good guy: Obi-Wan Kenobi (esp. played by Alec Guiness!)
    Bad guy: the Emperor (I love to hate him!)
    Force wielder: Yoda
    Droid: C-3PO
    Trooper: Stormtrooper

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    Favorite good guy - Chewie
    Favorite bad guy - Duck Thader! err Darth Vader
    Favorite Force-wielder - Yoda
    Favorite droid - Jedi Starfighter Ok if that can't count then a tie between R2 & 3PO
    Favorite type of trooper - tie between Stormtroopers and Biker Scout.
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    Favorite Good guy - Qui-Gon or Han
    Favorite Bad Guy - Palpy or Tarkin
    Favorite Force Wielder - Mace or Qui-Gon
    Favorite Droid - Pit Droid (3 Stooges homage, classic)
    Favorite Trooper - Royal Guard (The few, the red...)
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    Favorite good guy : Anakin (from E2, not E1!)
    Favorite bad guy : Darth Maul
    Favorite Force-wielder : Darth Vader
    Favorite droid : Droideka
    Favorite type of trooper : Clonetrooper

    *Favorite Bounty Hunter: Zuckuss (by the looks)
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