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    I bet they didn't originally have Mark Hamill for the Joker's voice, they had the actor himself voice the lines and then the powers that be decided it'd be a bigger draw to have Hamill redo the voice.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Hey guys.
    My two cents is a little late.I just watched the show on tape.
    First I have been a huge Bat fan for thirty years so be patient with my reaction to this show.
    Terrible on more points than good.
    I liked the look of Gotham better than any of the crappy movies.
    Not the graphics but the style and feel of the city.
    Babs is right on ,couldn't be better.And Alfred was cool.Also the Huntress origin or at least her parentage is a great homage to the golden age of DC.But the Huntress herself is terrible.SHe is another Jason Todd and some of us know what happened to him
    Meta human???!!!Oh great.Nice out fit.One stray bullet and the shows over.She's been court ordered to see Harley and yet the detective will have no clue who she is right?There's a mug shot out there.A recent one at that!!Snide punk.Hardly worthy of either the Huntress name or Catwomans daughter.Not to mention The Batman.
    Why in the world would they bother to call the other girl Dinah Lance.She has nothing in common with Black Canary,who by the way isn't even blonde.
    The Joker was a horrid joke.The voice yes,the actor,makeup all of it was terrible.
    The same for Cat woman.Long blonde hair? whAt the &^#$ was that?
    Batman wins the final fight and yet the Joker still manages to kill Selina and shoot Babs?Every time The batman was declared the winner Joker was a bloody lump not up for much of anything for a long time.Or he disapeared or was presumed dead.Never just left to run around a few more days.
    Bruce Wayne ,the greatest detective in the world is "clueless" about Catwoman having a daughter.Let alone it's his kid.Give me a break!!!
    Please, if Ibn comes up think about the situation before you try and compare the two.
    And to top it all off he just Goes away?Yeah right!!!He trains from the age of eight 'til 25 to do nothing but fight a war against crime and just one day says" well I guess I'll go on saBATical" oh please,someone some where write this stuff with respect for the Characters!!!
    Where are the " others" Batman has taken under his wing.Nightwing?,Robin?The also just left and went on to work in the corporate world right?Please.
    The bad guy was a sad attempt at the scarecrow.Why bother?
    Now the really bad news,I'll still watch it.For twp reasons.Maybe we'll actually get to " the Man" on TV again.As he should be shown.And maybe ,just maybe,the writers will smarten up.

    How's that for a come back post.Thanks for starting this one Tycho and Hey BTW.
    I have some ideas about what I'd like to see happen with the story line.Any body all that interested in heariong them?
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Go for it, Dryanta!

    That's what this thread is for - plus us casual fans might learn something from the die-hards.

    No, this isn't Batman, but we're getting closer to the day that it is!
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    I was going to avoid this show.. but if I can sit through another craptacular episode of Transformers:Armada, I can give BoP a shot.. at least just to hear Hammil's Joker again.

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    BTW, I noticed tonight 2 things when I accidentally flipped the tape on:

    - They're using that awful Joel Schumacher batsuit, the one with the nipples (that was his huge "contribution" to the Batman lore);
    - Harley is being played by Sloane Peterson, Ferris Bueller's girlfriend!!! What kind of weird casting is that?!? Mia Sara ruined her career doing so many of those destined-for-Cinemax films between Ferris and Timecop that it's hard to believe ANYBODY would give her a job these days - is this level of casting a sign that WB has no faith in the show, or do they have faith in Ms. Sara's acting talent (hidden and somewhat feeble-looking as it may be)?

    ... come to think of it, it's almost got to be the former, much more of the prime casting also seems almost completely unbankable - Helena was the most annoying character on Dark Angel's last season, Asha; Rachel Skarsten, the 17-year-old who plays Dinah/Black Canary, has almost no prior career at all including her beginnings in Canada (this according to IMDB anyway); and 2 of the other leads (Oracle - Dina Meyer who somehow is in the upcoming Trek film, and Mr Pitt... er, I mean Alfred - Ian Abercrombie) have film credits that read like they're straight out of the "how to be a B-movie actor" handbook. And get this, Mia Sara replaced Sherilyn Fenn as Harleen Quinzel - Ms. Fenn basically wrote the aforementioned handbook! With that casting, it seems like the producers were trying to bury this show.

    This show feels like it's half way to *shudder* Roger Corman's "Black Scorpion" to me. Smallville may have some things that aren't perfect, but at least it took its characters, situations, audience, and cinematic approaches all seriously from the beginning - I see none of that in Birds of Prey.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Morning all,
    The "B" casting doesn't surprise me any considering the direction they seem to have taken with the characters.At least they didn't do what they did with the Flash 10+ years ago.Put it up against shows like Cosby and the Simpsons.That was a sure sign of damning something before it even had a chance.
    For those who don't know anything about the comics continuity,The Batman does have a son he knows nothing about.His mother is Talia,Ras Al ghul's daughter.Ras Al Ghul is an Global enviromental terrorist who been working secretly for hundreds of years to cull the human population and become the ruler of the planet.He has mapped regenerative "Lazarus Pits" around the globe.If he enters one of these chemical filled pits he regenerates and is young again.Hence the idea he is almopst immortal.
    Now here is my idea for a direction of the show that woould cover over some of the major holes they've made for themselves.
    The night of the final Batman/Joker battle Batman confirms everything he has suspected.The Joker has been being used all the time By Ras to distract the worlds greatest detective from discovering the workings of Ras.He then doesn't leave Gotham because of being weary or slightly mad,but to go after the much larger Global threat of Al Ghul.Only Taking Nightwing with him and leaving Gotham in the hands of BatGirl.Not unprotected at all.But at the same time not telling anyone but Alfred of the true deal so as not to endanger them.
    The relationship with Talia will Happen as Batman pursues Ras for 8 years.But he would have had a relationship with Talia about five years earlier.Hence the pregnacy.Playboy Bruce Wayne and all that.She was on a mission to scout out this Batman for Her father.They fall for each other Blah Blah.
    Now what they could do is Have Bats show up in Gotham with Nightwing and a new Robin in tow. During the final fight with Al Ghul they Both end up in the Lazarus pit.Only a young rejuvinated Bruce Wayne makes it out.This part of the story is directly from a recent Batman/Superman Generations series DC put out.
    Anyway with the global threat taken care of Batman can return to New Gotham and go back to taking care of her.
    Well,he gets back finds the daughter he never knew.She's mad at him.He's trying to make it up to her,She's jealous of Both Dick Greyson and of course The "son" Robin.Battle of the sexes time."He likes his son better than me.How could have not known about me."Alfred knew where he was and never told him.Because Alfred ,knowing what had happened to Salina and Babs didn't want to run the risk of Ras finding out Bats has a daughter.Ras wouldn't move against IBn because he is his Grandson,but Helana would be a very clear target.
    See what they would get a very clear way to spin off Batman,Nightwing,and Robin into a real series that we all could enjoy and let this crap flounder.Use it a s a lead in to a real series.
    They would have multiple Father /child frictions going.Alfred/Bruce,"you should have told me about her" Huntress/Batman " you like Him better than Me"
    Nightwing/Batman"I need to be on my own out from under your shadow"
    Batman/Robin"keep an eye on your sister.She has no idea what she's doing"(More friction,heh heh.)
    Babs/Nightwing"Hey I remember you" romance there.
    Well too much soap opera stuff? Alot of the elemants of this are straight from the comics.I think it would work if Warner Bros would let DC handle their own.They have a lot a really good writers on the payroll.Use them where they could do some good.What do you guys think? let's bash this around a bit.
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    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Next week's eps looks much better. Thank God...... they got Alfred on there to add some testosterone to the mix quite a bit too much estrogen flowing there. But I do like chicks in tight leather, that is a plus with me.
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    Dryanta, I think this show's audience wouldn't be able to handle all of that, it seems too complex for TV. Plus, do you really want Ras to be "the first meta-human"? I think Batman's canon needs to be abandoned for this show, strip this down to the basic Batman elements and go off in a new direction for itself (though not as broadly as it's already done).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    hmmmm....I just can't bring myself to watch this show. I have never heard of this character, and doesn't sound all that interesting.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Did Dina Meyer wear the mask as Batgirl or not? That's my major question right now! All the photos I've seen of her in the costume don't include the mask. Please tell me she did.

    By the way Dryanta, not to get nitpicky, but Black Canary is most certainly blond. It's her alter ego that is not.


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