It's on 9pm here on WB - after Enterprise on UPN, and fortunately not opposite it.

It will be only a 1 hour show it seems - not a movie premier.

Check your local listings for WB Wednesday Night.

I barely watch TV: just Smallville and Enterprise - and the news or occasional science or political program.

I hope this new show sucks so I won't have to watch it!!!

But I suspect it is going to be awesome:

Batman has retired. Catwoman has lost all her 9 lives. She is murdered and Gotham's Dark Side only turns worse. One girl sets out to take revenge for her mother - and embrace the life of her father she never knew.

Finding her is Batgirl, a.k.a. Jessica Gordon (Sarah Gordon?) Shot and paralyzed by a new Joker, her brutal abuse and rape is even documented to send to her father. Nothing will stop the crimelords who let her live with her pain. But she lives with her knowledge and becomes the Oracle - reigning espionage upon their criminal organizations, and a new super-girl with a chip on her shoulder as her most deadliest weapon.

This just might be interesting. I don't watch chic-flicks like Charmed, Charlie's Angels, or the Gilmore Girls, and Jaina Solo might be the only lady-hero I'd step in front of a bullet for (amphistaff, whatever), but nostalgia for the Batman legend lives on in me, and this is too tempting.

Let's post our reviews here in just under 24 hours from now!