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    Birds of Prey (Batman / Catwoman's daughter) Premiers Today!

    It's on 9pm here on WB - after Enterprise on UPN, and fortunately not opposite it.

    It will be only a 1 hour show it seems - not a movie premier.

    Check your local listings for WB Wednesday Night.

    I barely watch TV: just Smallville and Enterprise - and the news or occasional science or political program.

    I hope this new show sucks so I won't have to watch it!!!

    But I suspect it is going to be awesome:

    Batman has retired. Catwoman has lost all her 9 lives. She is murdered and Gotham's Dark Side only turns worse. One girl sets out to take revenge for her mother - and embrace the life of her father she never knew.

    Finding her is Batgirl, a.k.a. Jessica Gordon (Sarah Gordon?) Shot and paralyzed by a new Joker, her brutal abuse and rape is even documented to send to her father. Nothing will stop the crimelords who let her live with her pain. But she lives with her knowledge and becomes the Oracle - reigning espionage upon their criminal organizations, and a new super-girl with a chip on her shoulder as her most deadliest weapon.

    This just might be interesting. I don't watch chic-flicks like Charmed, Charlie's Angels, or the Gilmore Girls, and Jaina Solo might be the only lady-hero I'd step in front of a bullet for (amphistaff, whatever), but nostalgia for the Batman legend lives on in me, and this is too tempting.

    Let's post our reviews here in just under 24 hours from now!
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    It's Barbara Gordon that's Batgirl aka Oracle.

    I'm planning on watching it, just cause it's Batman related. Dunno if I'll keep watching it though, as Batman is said to not be in the comic series much so I'm guessing they'll probably carry that on through the series.

    Some plus points I've heard:
    Mark Hamill's doing the dubbed voice for the Joker as he does in the animated versions.
    The guy playing Batman will be the guy from the OnStar commercials so we actually get to see how well he acts for something like this.
    It's darker unlike Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

    Definitely catching the first episode though, still debating wether to tape it or not.
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    I'm not a comic fan so the series premise was a new one to me. It sounds pretty exciting. Kind of 'Batman - TNG', but following on from Tim Burton, rather than Joel Schmuck.

    No idea if any Brit Tv channel will show it yet, or when!
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    Since when did Batman marry Catwomen???

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    You don't have to be married to have kids. Besides, it's just a new twist upon the old comic charecter of "The Huntress" In current DC continuity she is the daughter of a Mafia Crime Boss.

    In the original pre-crisis universe of DC, she was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. It appears they are following that aspect for the new series, but just as a basis.

    BTW, did I mention before how much I hate my cable compnay cause I can't watch this.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    I'll watch this show at least once, since the Birds of Prey comic has been a favorite of mine since it debuted, but I'm a bit wary of the show. It looks very different from a comic about Black Canary operating as a special agent for Oracle, with occasional help from Huntress, Catwoman, or Power Girl. (The comic's set in the present day.) I must admit I'm not a fan of Smallville (sorry, Tycho) or any other live-action superhero show outside the classic Flash series, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

    What was wrong with the Huntress's comic origin?
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    Originally posted by El Chuxter

    What was wrong with the Huntress's comic origin?
    They needed something to connect it to the public conscious. Batman lends auto recognition. Hence the Huntress being Batmans daughter again.

    I guess WB didn't think ANYONE (geeky sexstarved fanboys) would watch a show about scantilly clad women fighting crime.

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    Oh yeah, and Harley Quinzel will be a regular character on it, but I don't think she'll immediately turn into Harley Quinn.

    Was never really a fan of Smallville because I just couldn't get into the current timeline of it, but this really looks promising. Maybe if it does well, WB will think more about making more Batman movies with Burton at the wheel.
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    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    While I'll probably watch for a while (the new Twilight Zone opposite Enterprise has sucked so far) I'm really disappointed that they've decided to change Dinah (Black Canary) Lance's powers. Instead of a sonic cry it wil be touch telepathy. I hope that part of the show will change.
    I watch Smallville and think it's okay the biggest problem with it is that it follows the same plot almost every week. Someone gets mutated by the Kryptonite, uses their power to commit crimes or do something bad and Clark then has to use his powers secretly so nobody knows he has these powers and everything works out in the end. My understanding is that BOP is by the same creators. And on a side note I liked Ashley Scott better as a blond


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    I agree that Smallville has to make some changes to keep its game going. But it slowly is:

    Clark's naive trust of Lex is finally ebbing because of the Inquisitor reporter Roger Nixon.

    Lana dumped her boyfriend and is now discretely pursuing Clark who she realizes she is in love with.

    Chloe blew her chances with Clark unless she learns how to talk about her real feelings. All she speaks are denials there.

    Lionell Luthor is blinded, perhaps permanently, but nevertheless going to be an integral part of the show this season as he's added to the permanent cast.

    Dr. "Meteorite" Hamilton is either dead or turned into some kind of monster. The secret of there being a spaceship is out and rumors are flying that aliens landed in Smallville.

    Pete, Clark's best friend, learned the secrets of Clark's powers and now, like the Kents, has to cover for his friend or face the consequences of Clark's discovery.

    The best part of it is that Clark doesn't understand the whole thing himself just yet, and he's now re-opening questions he didn't want to ask: "who and what is he?" "what is his purpose?"

    Anyway, this is a BoP thread, so enough about Smallville, but I think the show is going to have some twists this season that people are going to fret about if they miss them!

    Eventually Clark and Lex will become bitter enemies. That will surely happen long before the show is over!

    Smallville is and WILL only get MORE awesome!

    It's great you've tried it. Now try keeping up with it! You'll get as hooked as I am! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!
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