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Thread: Post EP-III

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    Post EP-III

    Perhaps someone has brought this up before or not. But it has been lingering for sometime now: what will happen after the last movie is made, and shown, after Celebration 3 in Indy?

    Will Hasbro continue to produce figs?

    Will collectors continue to buy figs?

    All sorts of other questions...

    Will Luca$ change his mind and make 3 more movies?

    Do you think Expanded Universe will continue to expand, in every way---before ANH, after ROTJ, and between---unabated?

    What about our collections, be they action figures, books, comics, the various assortments and combinations thereof: will they suffer become less or more valuable?

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    I think it will be similar to the fate after ROTJ. The toys will continue for awhile after the end of the last movie only to become shelf warmers and eventually pulled. Hasbro will get out of the SW toy line as least as we see it today. I would expect to see much smaller lines aimed at collectors making an appearance each few years or so. Larger items like ships will never appear again as the investment by the manufacturer is too high to produce something aimed just as a collectible. If a larger item is green lighted it will be quite expensive and perhaps be a convention exclusive.

    Only collectors will be buying figures post-Ep. III. Even then it might only be the hard core collectors that are left. But as companies shift from producing products for the masses to producing products for the collectors we might see some collectors staying on longer as items are now geared towards their interest. Higher end items will make up the majority. It will require less production by a manufacturer but they'll recoup more with a higher ticket price. Items similar to the replica light sabers we're seeing now will become more prevailant.

    Will we see a continuation of the Celebration events? I would hope so. Star Trek has built an industry just with that and perhaps GL will allow SW to follow in those footsteps. It would allow for manufacturer to show their wears post-Ep. III. Fans don't need new movies as a reason to go to a Celebration. Entice us with new toys and we'll all be there.

    New movies? Perhaps after staying away from it for 10-15 years he'll get the bug again. GL is a tech-nut as we see with his last 2 movies. With the movie-technology improving at such an accelerated rate who knows were it'll be in a decade or 2. I could see GL wanting to produce another sci-fi movie that would allow him to showcase his ILM/THX abilities as well as show off what he can do. Star Wars would be a great way for him to do that. Perhaps we'd get one more before he dies but I couldn't see another trilogy.

    EU? It'll continue to grow. With no new movies, fans will be looking towards the EU to feed their SW appetites. Unabated? I would hope that at some point GL would put the brakes on what happens in the EU. I stopped reading the EU books after I go so sick of some of the libertes that the writers were taking.

    What's the future for our collectibles? They'll only be valuable to other collectors. With most likely no new movies coming out fewer and fewer people will be drawn to collecting SW. At some point it'll become quite rare. Collectors will sell of collections lowering the value of items.

    In the distant future, SW items will more of an interest as being apart of an era or movie memorabilia than being an actual SW collectible. I'm sure this will all seem quite absurd to people.
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    Hasbro currently has rights until 2008 for figures. So expect them to continue until atleast then. Whether they go longer depends on whether or not they can recapture the very important children's intrest in the line.

    As for movies, Lucas said he's going to take another 15-20 years off and then if he feels like making another Star Wars film, he might. But we have alot to look forward to after 2005. The DVD release of E3, and finally the DVD release of the original trilogy.

    Plus McCallum has made mention of releasing things like the Ewok movies and the Ewoks and Droids cartoons on DVD after all the movies are out. Then we also have EU which will flurish again after the movies hit video. Plus they won't have to worry so much about stepping on Lucas's toes.

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    the eu will problemly keep growing. as far as the toys will go only time will tell.

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    Clears Throat puts on best preachers voice: Let us not speak of these things but bask in the knowledge that we still have Episode III to look forward too.

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    I think Exhaust Port pretty much has it right. Things will go on for a while then, when the interest dies out, the line will be cancelled. There might be a little bit of hullaballoo when ROTJ hits it's 25th Anniversary in 2008 but I doubt we will see much of a resurgence in fan interest. The hardcore fans will always be around, but there won't be anything to really resurrect the Saga unless Lucas decides to make more films.
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    I agree with much that's been said. After EPIII the merchandise will probably continue until 2008, then Hasbro will review the franchise, but I beleive they will drop it as there will be plenty of other movie merchandise to make big on.

    I am a collector, but I only collect products related to the films. I don't collect EU and I don't think there is enough interest from the wee kiddies to keep it alive.

    The only way to keep the franchise going is to make more films. If GL waits 10-15 years I think it will be himself who will need the technology to get around. He could pass the legacy on to another producer/director? Or do a Lord of the Rings and film a trilogy back to back (making the timeline shorter).

    Also I remember reading some time ago that GL wanted to go back to the OT and re-edit them so that they blend in with the prequels. I suspect he would do this after 2008 (after we have all bought the 6 pack DVD) and re-release. Perhaps if they were significantly different movies they could get a theatre release and hence introduce the saga to a new generation.

    Alternatively, is there a multi billionaire SW collector out there who would buy the franchise and produce top quality figures at low cost, and decide on what to produce by polls... anyone out there... please!

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    George Lucas already said that he will never allow anyone else to make a Star Wars film. Part of that is due to having Irvin Kershner and Richard Marquand handle ESB and RotJ. The way they filmed the LOTR's films wouldn't work as well for the Star Wars franchise. It would probably give Lucas another heart attack, and not to mention all the special effects for the films.

    What you have read about is the "Archival Editions". Nothing concrete whether Lucas is going to do them for sure or not. But there have been enough rumors and Lucas and McCallum have both said that it's somthing that is being considered.

    And it wasn't just the OT that is supposed to get a makeover. The "Archival Editions" would feature changes to all 6 movies, adding some scenes that were cut to "The Phantom Menace" etc. One of TPM's scenes is supposed to be adding Bail Organa back to the senate, seconding Padme's vote of no confidance.

    I doubt that Lucas would let another company ever produce Star Wars figures beyond Hasbro. From what I understand, he's more then happy with the products, plus the last contract gave him shares of the company. Besides, if a company like McFarlane or someone else got ahold of the line, you can likely kiss the 4" scale goodbye.

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    let us not forget....
    once III is out then IV V and VI will be rereleased.(On the big screen)
    Ep. III is NOT the END...Its just the begining of "the end"

    I say SW "stuff" will be on shelves till at lease 2010

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    Master Jar Jar Binks, again you are the voice of knowledge and wisdom, however more importantly please tell me - are you are a multi-billion-squillionaire who is at this very moment preparing a cash flow analysis in your hostile bid to wrestle the SW franchise from Hasbro?


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