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    Thumbs down KB Toy Club Scam

    KB has been promoting this past few weeks the KB Toy Club where you get a stamp on a card for buying $25 or more (bonus 1 stamp when you join in). When you get 4 stamps (or the equivalent of $75 sales), then you can get 20% off whatever your next purchase with certain exclusions (like video games, etc).

    Since I was able to find the latest wave from one store, I figured might as well join in and got four stamps in the process. Now I've just gotten back from the same store and I found that all of the SW figures have been taken off the shelf!

    I've heard all about what the other stores have been doing about clearing away the old Saga toys to make way for the newer waves and in some cases the prices were being lowered. So I asked one of the salesperson about it and she said that all the SW toys were being retagged. Thoughts of finally getting those extra army builders on sale and with the additional 20% off the toy club card were racing through my mind. :happy:

    That was until she showed the new price tags of $5.49 from the previous $4.99! What the $#@&* is going on? Then I saw the boxes behind the counter still with the old $4.99 price tags! I was about to get some of the army builders for the old price (plus 20% off the Toy Club card) but I was stopped and she said that they're all $5.49 now!

    I certainly gave her a piece of my mind and I'm not about to make any more purchases from that store or from any other KB store if they're doing the same thing. Almost forgot that the other salespersons are busy going around the store putting on new price tags on other toys! I looked at a few and the prices were certainly going up as well!

    Don't buy from KB stores coz their Toy Club is just a big scam!
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    Unless it's an exclusive or something that's just showing up there (like during the clearances and the 12" Valorum and Guard showed up there for $15) I never go to KB. Wal-Mart, TRU, TARGET are all in the same area as the closest KB, plus a little ways off is a K-Mart so it's not like it's the only other store out there. I've always hated the way they price stuff.
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    They were promoting the KB Club when I was there yesterday, and I did not see that the Figs went up in price, but I would not be surprised to see if they did today.
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    that funny when you what to move stuff you lower the prices not rise them. guess kb toys are doing things backward again.

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    KB has always S U C Ked. The only problem is, they are the only store around me that is getting new stuff.
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    I almost laughed and threw out the card the girl from KB handed me that card. Since KB is way overpriced, I don't think I'll be spending more than $25 at one time anytime soon. Beside getting 20% off your next purchase at KB is like getting 15 cents off expired baby food.

    And yes--they seem to be the only store getting in the new waves. But even then if you bought the entire new wave you wouldn't get a stamp anyway.
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    actually, since KB is way overpriced, the only way to not spend over $25 is to not go there at all! my KB, last time i checked, had decent prices on older stuff, but all the saga figures were 5.49 ever since they came out. the only reason i would go there is to maybe look at a video game or to buy wone of those clearance things (all gone by now).
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    Well ACPin, I knew this was probably going to happen. First off I was at KB about a week ago and I found two figures I was missing so I picked them up for $4.99 a piece. The girl asked me if I wanted to join the KB club, but I turned it down like I always do for every subscription service anywhere because they are ALL SCAMS. They hardly ever do anything for you. Like Waldenbooks. You pay $10 for the membership and you get like 10% off. Well, if you don't buy at least $100 worth of books, you won't be saving money, you'll be LOSING money. And since I only buy paperback editions at around $5 a pop, I'd have to buy at least 20 to break even and I oonly really buy a book a month.

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    I don't see it as any kind of a deal. Much less a club. You spend a lot to save a few bucks in the end? Sounds like kind of a rip.
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    Kb has always been the most expensive with least stock .

    Clubs are always psuedo rip offs unless u buy tons of stuff.

    Its only an extra .50 a fig , Id hardly call that a scam


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