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    What are y'all doing for Halloween?

    This year I have decided to be Edward Scissorhands. I dyed my hair a permenant black so that I could poof it up and make it all messy like Edward has it, and I will wear the white shirt, suspenders and grey pants over a black turtleneck, to make it look like I have the leather bodysuit on underneath. For the hands I made foamcore scissor blades covered in duct tape and hot-glued them to an ordinary pair of gloves. it is sooo cool! I love Halloween ! So, what is everybody else gonna get up to?

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    I was planning on going home to take my nephews trick or treating but those plans were nixed due to money shortage. So I will probably just hang out here. Boy my life is sad.
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    I'm just planning to sit in front of my computer all night.

    I have an idea. We could go into the SSG chat room and tell scary stories. Or maybe not.

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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Boy my life is sad.

    Your not the only one....I spend half my life in these forums,I don't know what I'd do without a computer!!!

    I wish we had it here
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    I will spend that wonderfull night at work,where else. Its where I seem to spend all my time lately[when I'm not here ]
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    Originally posted by GNT

    I spend half my life in these forums
    Half your life, GNT? How about two thirds?

    If it were up to me I'd spend all my life here at these forums.

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    This is what I'll be doing on Halloween: "Hangin 'round..downtown by myself and I've had too much caffeine just thinkin about myself..." well ok, I won't be downtown but I'll just be on-line, looking at all 5 forums I'm on and searchin' ebay... Dang, wish I could rent a bunch of DVDs, there'd be something more to do.
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    Last year the wife took the kids trick-or-treating, and I stayed home and handed out loot. This year we reverse. I was going to dress up as bobafett, but I ran out of time to put together even a rudimentary costume. So I'll probably just take my fett helmet along when I go. Now, I just have to figure out how to get the rangefinder from falling down all the time.

    So I guess I'm going as "Dad the Dork in the Boba Fett helmet."

    In another couple of years I'll REALLY be able to embarass the kids, huh?

    hee hee hee. I'll get 'em back for what they're doing to me now!

    "Remember all the fighting with your sister? Remember us having to get a cast for the cat's foot because you stepped on it and broke it? Remember waking us up every Saturday at 6:00 to say "I'm hungry" when you KNOW where the cereal is... Well, I'm going to greet your homecoming date at the door in my Fett helmet!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
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    Originally posted by bibfortuna
    Last year the wife took the kids trick-or-treating, and I stayed home and handed out loot.
    At least that's what you told your wife. You probably stayed home and ate all the candy. That's what I would've done.

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    Ever seen "The Road Warrior"?

    No? Then you should!

    Woe is me....

    This year I made an awesome, prop replica Mad Max costume. I'm not normally one to brag, so if you dont believe me, just ask Jedi Clint.

    I went to the annual Halloween party I usually go to, and NOBODY knew who I was supposed to be.

    One guy even said, "Let me guess, YOU'RE THE PUNISHER".

    All your base are belong to us!


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