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    Favorite SNL skit

    Saturday Night Live has been around for over 27 years now and through each of the different casts that they have had over the years, they have had some memorable skits.

    The first cast that consisted of Akroyd, Radner, Murray, Belushi and others had it's funny skits. I'll admit, I've only seen a few rerun shows but I do like the Conehead skits I've seen, as well as the candygram shark and the Akroyd salesman skit that tries to market obviously dangerous toys such as 'Johnny Switchblade' and 'Bag o' Glass'

    The Eddie Murphy era had some funny ones like the Buckwheat sings commerical, as well as Mr. Robinson's neighborhood and the one where he puts on makeup and becomes a white man for a day.

    The late 80's featured Hartman, Carvey and others and they had some hilarious skits including Tarzan, Tonto and Frankenstein (fire baaaaaaaaaaaaaad! ) and the Leprocy-off commerical.

    The early 90's added Myers, Sandler and Spade and featured some beauts like the Italian restaurant sketch in where the employees slobber all over Kristie Alley, Matt Foley, Sprokets, and Massive Headwound Harry.

    My favorite however comes from the Will Ferrel, Ana Gasteyer, Cheri Oteri era. It is the Neil Diamond VH1 Storytellers sketch that featured Will Ferrel as Neil Diamond and John Goodman as the lead guitarist. The Storyteller show is a muscial show in where the artists tells the story behind each song before he performs them.

    Ferrel does a near dead on imitation of Diamond and says things like "This next song we wrote after driving home after a concert at the Forum in L.A. It was getting late and and and we hit a kid. We didn't stop to see how he was, we just kept on driving. Never did find out what happened, but afterwards we wrote 'Sweet Caroline.' "

    He then talks about how he is inspired to write through his love of barely legal hard core pornography--the kind you can't get through the mail. John Goodman wants to be left out of the discussion but Diamond screams "No, I will not leave you out, I WILL LEAVE YOU IN. I AM NEIL DIAMOND!"

    He then tells the audience, "few no I am fueled creatively by my intense hatred of all those with foreign skin." He says this while Tim Meadows, an African American is playing a keyboardist. He then goes on to sing "America" and changes a lyric of the song to say "You hate your keyboard player because he's black but you don't have the guts to tell him"

    Meadows then storms off the stage saying "man you are a wreck." Ferrel then grabs his aching back and says "I think-I think I tore some stitches" in a dead on imitation. He then tells the audience who are now leaving in droves that he wrote his next song after killing a drifter just to get--well--we'll just say his jollies. He then went to sing "Forever in Blue Jeans"

    What is your favorite sketch?
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    "The Lovers" that often take a dip in their hot----tub.

    Oh, also I loved the skit with Fat Albert that Tracy Morgan did!
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    AAAHHH!! the one where mike myers is that kid who gets all hyper when he eats candy! I think he did it with Nicole Kidman. and also the ones where Chris Farley talks about living in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER!! Good times, good times. I think almost all of my favorites come from the early nineties episodes.
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    The Jeopardy skits with Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery.
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    YES! Definitly the Jeopardy skits. I hope they bring back Norm McDonald for another one. I like how Sean Connery is always breaking down Tribek.

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    Farley in the Gilligan's Island skit is freakin' hilarious.

    Akroyd's Bass-O-Matic skit was gross and funny.

    Several of the old and new superhero skits are classics.

    I don't know if Mr. Bill and Jack Handy count, but I used to look forward to those.

    Jeeez...there are so many!

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    Some of my favorites.....

    Old Glory life insurance (But what about ROBOTS!)

    Jeopardy - (I'll take anal bum covers for $200) (An Album Cover)

    Middle Aged Man

    Quarry Cereal

    Little Chocolate Donuts

    Shirt in a Can

    Happy Fun Ball

    Nick Cotrell (Nicotrell)

    Massive Headwound Harry

    All of the Gore/Bush skits

    Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton/Saddam Hussein 3-way phone call

    Try outs for Bill Clinton part after Hartman Left

    ROOKIE COP!!!! (My all-time favorite I think)

    SOooooooo many more
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    Oh man, Happy Fun Ball!!

    Middle-aged Man.... "What?? I'm working on it!"

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    The Nerf Crotch Bat commerical

    Cluckin' Chicken Restaurant commercial "THAT'S ME!!"

    The Ambiguously *** Duo cartoons

    The Scarlet Letter parody "Bee Jay"

    Jerry Maguire 2

    The Dark Side with Nat X

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    Originally posted by Bobajames
    AAAHHH!! the one where mike myers is that kid who gets all hyper when he eats candy! I think he did it with Nicole Kidman.
    Why aren't you wearing a harness ? My name's Phillip, I'm a hyper-hypo.

    Favorite commercials:

    Quarry Cereal
    Swill Drinking Water
    Mercury Mistress (The car you can make love to)
    "You're Going to Hell"

    Favorite sketches:

    Massive Headwound Harry, specifically when that dog overdoes it and starts pulling off Dana's headwound - "He probably smells my dog ! "

    That whole Italian restaurant skit mentioned above, specifically when Dana asks, "oh, you like???"

    Norm Macdonald in a car accident being helped by Sly Stallone, specifically Norm talking about how Kramer vs. Kramer had a great custody battle but it lacked something . . . "I know - ARM WRESTLING ! "

    Dirty Square Dancing, with Patrick Swayze and might I also add

    Chippendales with Chris Farley!

    Any and all sketches featuring Aerosmith

    Favorite monologues:
    Sylvester Stallone - Jim Breuer as Mick from Rocky was incredible.

    Courtney Cox - Adam Sandler as Springsteen doing Dancin in the Dark ! ! ! ! !

    Kevin Kline - Kevin Nealon as the faux Kline being outed by Sandler's heckler guy.


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