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    Free Shopping @ Disneyland, CA

    I just got back from Disneyland, CA where I found plenty of Star Tour figures. Here's the good news. If you go to Guest Services, you can obtain a "shoppers pass" that will allow you a one hour entrance to the park for FREE to do any shopping, or rides, that you like. You've got 60 minutes to return to the guest services window, or they will charge you a day's fee. This was plenty of time for me to navigate the crowds and successfully find my figures. Good luck out there!!!

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    I just did that, and spent 1 hour,1 minute,23 seconds looking for the cheapest indiana jones and managed to pick some star tours figs up. They said it's okay, just try not to go to the other side of disneyland and back in 1 hour.

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    and what's about prices in disneyland (star wars action figures)? I suppose they're overpriced.

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    sorry I've forgotten it. Which figures do they have? only the exclusive droids or do they have another action figures?

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    They've got a full blown Star Wars STORE. When I was there recently, they had a bunch of 3 3/4" figures for $9.99...ouch, this included the exclusive Star Tours figures as well. There were also ships, 12" figures, and the new Republic Gunship too. Everything was probably a little bit more, but not much. It's hit or miss with that place sometimes, but the Gunships were going for $40, which is the same as it is all over town here. So that's nice.


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