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    Electronic Lightsaber Asst 2

    I saw this on the EE site today and was wondering if anyone had any info on these. I had heard that we were getting an electronic Yoda saber but not Mace and others. Any info is appreciated.


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    anyone? Jar Jar?
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    I hope they don't make Yoda's saber hilt as big as the others, there'd be no point of it then, it should be half the size.

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    Yoda's saber should be the same size as those small kid's lightsabers. In fact that would be the best way to release it, since Yoda was a big hit with the kiddies.
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    I guess these are going to be the $20 ones in wal mart that are still sitting there not moving because no one wants one! well, i got one, but there are still plenty and i'm sure there are more in the back... maybe if these look cool enough i'll have to buy another one
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    I bought the Dooku lightsaber. I think its quite nifty. I do want to get Obi-Wans though.
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