For those interested, I realized that some people who read the NJO series didn't realize (as they are not really advertised a whole heck of alot) that there are two NJO ebooks (novelettes)that have come out. "Recovery" is now included in the paperback version of Star by Star by Troy Denning or you can still purchase it in ebook format if you already bought Star by Star and don't want to buy it again. Also, the newest NJO ebook is "Ylesia" by Walter Jon Williams, the author of "Destiny's Way" and can also be purchased on line in ebook format.

Some people don't like ebooks and I totally understand that as many of the ebooks won't print through the reader and you have to sit there and read them on your computer screen. But they are still pretty cool if you have a handheld reader.

Just get onto or and type each title in the search field and it'll take you there.

Just thought I'd toss this out for anyone who loves to read, especially Star Wars titles.