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    I have ample faith in my convictions. Based on the language and attitude of the statements in the initial post, I feel well founded in my appraisal of M.M. and his propaganda. I'm sure you'll agree that watching Moore's previous "film" is indicative of "exposing myself to views that are counter". I don't agree with his agenda, and as a result I chose to counter the opening "call to arms" with examples of my own credo. Poor li'l Mike. How dare I criticize him. Are you trying to imply that anyone who dislikes Mike's tripe is incapable of thinking for themselves?
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    i have thoroughly enjoyed his past ventures, and hope to catch this in the theaters... although i have the suspicion that nothing will really surprise me. well, maybe a free gun when you open a c.d. account at a bank surprised me a little.

    but i had the same reaction (sort of) when i heard the actions taken after columbine - although bowling is substituted with trench coats, and "why didn't they blame it on bowling" is substitiuted with "they DID blame trenchcoats..."

    i loved the fact that instead of saying once and for all that guns and the people that use them are responsible for death, it's TRENCHCOATS!!! they banned trenchcoats at the school, and many others, after the events at columbine...

    so, they blamed trenchcoats - why DIDN'T they blame bowling? god forbid our precious guns get taken away from us - the king of england could come over and start pushing us around...

    but of course with everyone yelling to go to war with iraq for dubious reasons, i guess we need our guns... otherwise some other country might do all the killing that we should rightfully do ourselves...
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