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    Vehical and Figure Scale

    I am an avid collector like most everyone here in this forum, I have seen and purchased all the practical figures from the POTFII line all the way to the Saga line. I have had my fair share of vintage figures and vehicals too....

    I remember back in 1985 or 86...can't remember exactly what year it was but I was envious of this kid in my apartment complex named Morgan...this was in Glendale Arizona, so if you are on this forum by any chance, please contact me...

    Anyway Morgan had the Gi Joe Aircraft Carrier...and man was that thing cool...I only got to play with it once or twice but was huge. Hasbro made it back in the 80' that time Star Wars was winding down and Kenner was not a part of Hasbro that I could remember....but now it is...and what I am getting at is Hasbro has made something nearly to scale...huge by all respects....

    Sooooooooo......Hasbro should make a full scale Deathstar Playset, not the whole thing but a big 3 foot high by 5 foot wide, hangerbay, throne room, control center, trash compacter, bridge area and power station and detention block...why be short sighted on whether it is for ANH or ROJ...combine them into one playset...Hell Barbie has a mansion so why can't Star Wars have it's Death Star?

    An addition to the Death Star, the bridge and meditation chamber of the Excecuter, Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer should be an add on peice to the Death what if they are two seperate locations, the construction of both were similar so the Executor peices won't be out of place....right?

    To supplement this awesome peice, there should be a closer scale Millenium Falcon, we already have the X-wing and I think it is great...A bit big for one figure but very cool...Same for the Falcon, I know it will be big...probably 3 foot long if not 4...But so worth it....

    I think that Hasbro should make the Key vehicles to scale...Don't need a Slave One, or Cloud Car, or really even the upcomming, Sand Crawler....just the key vehicles like Darth's Ship...(Both Darths...Maul and Vader) Falcon, Y-Wing, A Wing, Tie get the picture....

    Now the figures....Well I have to ask...if the figures won't fit in the vehicles why bother? I have the X-Wing full scale and my figures won't fit right in there either...I mean really...all that hard work and Luke won't fit? Same for the Land Speeder...they made it better bigger...but not bid enough....Is there a shortage of Plastic????? Just recall all those Nikto Jedi's, Orn Free Tas, Dajas Puhrs, Han Solo with silly crooked neck and recylce the plastic.....

    Figures should be designed around the vehicle or vice versa but not independantly....If you are gonna release another X-wing Pilot...why not make sure he fits in the x-wing, Y-wing, and still looks good...right?

    Now I am not complaining...just making a point and a request...I signed up for two of the Shuttles for December and I am excited...they are not scale but what the heck...I am a collector and collectors will always buy a good peice....regarless of the scale....if you are a true collector that is.....

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    Hell, it'd be cool enough to have a series of Death Star playsets (each one as big as the Ep II arena one) and have them all hook together somehow...

    Death Star Escape with, and the Final Duel 3 pack, and even the wal mart trach compactor stuff, and everything that's been released, if put together could already make a pretty sweet Death Star diorama. I'm surprised someone really hasn't done it yet...or maybe I just haven't seen one that's satisfactory yet.

    Maybe it'd be cool tho, get some big toy museum to have the ultimate Death Star display! heh heh..

    I had a friend who had the USS FLAGG too....sweet playset for GI Joe...

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    I have always been big on scale. I don't care how big the playset has to be or if they just make a bunch of the above mentioned partials that hook together. As long as the scale is correct.

    I was stoked when they finally started getting characters like Princess Leia and Chewbacca's scale correct as well as the accessories. Weapons in particular.

    Scale! Scale! Scale! Get it right!
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    Wow. A Y-Wing to scale, to go along with the improved X-Wing. THAT would be too cool.

    Don't think it'll happen, though, unless through some unforseen phenomena EpIII grabs the imaginations of a much larger chunk of American youth than Ep.'s I and II has.

    We can still dream.

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    problely that uss flagg was hasbro first to at something that big and might not have sold to well. so they do not what to make the some mistake.

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    The crappest thing about the USS Flag, was it didn't float
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    The USS Flag was probably a financial disaster for Hasbro, so I doubt we will ever see anything that big. Hasbro also took a bath on the Queen's Starship. I know I would never buy full scale vehicles, too big for the limited space I have available and waaaaaaay too much money for what I want to spend. I think the way Hasbro does things now is fine.

    So I guess that means I am not a "true collector."
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    I guess I'm not a "True Collector" either. I have the cost/space issues ad bigbarada.

    We've had a few discussions about playsets and scale in the past. There were some interesting ideas.

    Playset and Vehicle Scale
    Death Star Playset
    Cloud City Playset
    Larger Millenium Falcon
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    I hope we don't get judged as collectors based on what we want. In MY head just because some collectors prefer the condensed versions to save space and money is perfectly natural. I WOULD, however, like to see the true scale stuff done where it is possible. Even if it is an expensive limited item. I could live with getting both versions.
    My wife treats me like an ATM machine. She pushes my buttons until I give her money.

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    Apparently I'm not a "true collector" either. I have a lot of issues with regard to space, and I pass on a lot of things because they are too big (like the 12" scale speeder bike) and I just don't have room for them. I've been collecting since 1996 and I've accumulated a lot of stuff since then. Shelf space is a precious commodity at this point.

    If the Death Star playset could be made in smaller segments that could be hooked together (like the trash compactor sections) I think that might be a interesting idea. I think they could possibly make six segments (maybe one foot wide, seven inches tall) that would each be sold separately. Then people could pick and choose which parts they wanted to buy. Or they could buy them all and build a huge playset with segments that hooked together and stacked one on top of the other in multiple configurations. If the segments were less than $20 a piece, that would keep the cost the whole playset under $120. People could buy as much or as little of the playset as they wanted.


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