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    Thumbs up Tom Petty: The Last DJ

    This is the new CD from Tom Petty (it hit shelves on Tuesday), and it may be my new favorite CD. Tom Petty's a master songwriter (I once attended a Stevie Nicks concert where she said he was the best songwriter alive, and I don't think she's far off), and on this CD he turns his attention (mostly) to the record industry, and he spares no punches.

    I have to recommend this to anyone who likes Petty or rock music, or just hates the way the record and radio industries are run today. It seems that some of the major retailers are trying to sweep it under the rug (my local Circuit City got in less than ten copies, as opposed to fifty or so of the new Bon Jovi, and had the wrong sale price marked on them), and I doubt many stations will play songs about how much they suck, so the CD could probably use some extra exposure.

    My favorite tracks (on a CD where every songs a favorite):
    "The Last DJ" -- with a similar riff to Petty's "Yer So Bad", it's the story of a DJ who refuses to bend to his corporate masters
    "Joe" -- told from the point of view of a record label CEO, it's easily the most brutal song on the CD. . . and an instant classic
    "When a Kid Goes Bad" -- decries the recent string of violent acts by schoolkids
    "The Man Who Loves Women" -- a very catchy little ditty
    "Can't Stop the Sun" -- the closer, says basically that no one can stop him from doing what he wants to do, and that he's not the only free thinker in the music biz

    Excellent album all around. Right up with "Full Moon Fever" in Petty's catalogue.
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    thanks, el chuxter;

    i'm a relatively new tom petty fan, and i've heard almost nothing about his new album. best songwriter ever, well i don't know, maybe some guys named bob and bruce may take that title, but i gladly welcome tom into that songwriting trinity.

    i'll be sure an pick up a copy this weekend.

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    I am a huge Tom Petty fan and think this is one of his best cd's. Have love, will travel is a great song and my favorite off the cd. I recomend it to anyone who likes rock music you won't be disapointed.


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