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    I was simply offering my input based on the Star Wars NOVELS.

    Specifically "I Jedi" goes into depth about how and why astromechs have ROUTINE memory wipes. Luke's R2 unit avoids this over the years ONLY because of Luke's sentimental attachment to the little droid.

    As for C-3PO, Uncle Owen wanted to have his memory wiped. Why would he do that unless he knew that the droid would MAINTAIN his ability to understand the "bianary language of moisture vaporators" and still speak "Botchie". It was obvious WAY BACK THEN that memory wipes were a common occurance. IMO

    Did R2 know where he was going? Probably, after all, he does have built in sensor, even if his own range is a bit limited. Still, the info could have been provided by Princess Leia.
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    Wow!!! This thread took off unexpectedly!

    Anyway some great ideas being thrown back and forth! However, unfortunately I have to be the one to bring this point up! If and this is still an IF, If R2's memory wasn't wiped (cause he knows where he is going) and 3-po's was, then once they crash land on Tatooine and 3-po says,"what a desolate looking place this is"; then why doesn't R2 just bleep a response of,"you idiot, this is Tatooine, we were here just about 10-12 years back and we gotta go find Ben kenobi. You know that guy we just spent the last 40 years of our lives with"

    3po: "well really, I've just had about enough of you, just once you take into consideration the 10 memory wipes I've had, you might not be so quick to judge you little scrap pile!"

    R2(bleeps): "Well, now that I've told you again for the 10th time, you should remember, so you don't have to act like you don't know what your talking about when we come upon any doid buyers and their farmboy nephew's!"

    Oy vey! I think Lucas finally has screwed up! If this exaggerated point is played out and left open in the trilogy, the only thing I can think of to save it, is that one could suggest that 3po wasn't telling luke anything that R2 told him or was trying to relay to Luke, in order to protect themselves! But 1) that wouldn't be expressed on screen and 2) 3po did say,"you can trust him he's our new master", so that wouldn't quite fit either! Hhhmmm

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    This is more of a spoiler, except I'm only speculating, not sharing info I know. So maybe it isn't a spoiler. Whatever.

    How about this idea? Anakin, at some point before he officially turns to the Dark Side, has R2's and Threepio's memories wiped ONLY of his identity. Darth Vader could emerge as a "new" Sith Lord, with most of the galaxy unaware of his true identity. Obi-Wan and some Jedi know, but remember, "Vader helped hunt down and destroy the Jedi." Maybe this detail isn't to eliminate the good guys but protect his identity from being manipulated. So the droids' memories are intact, EXCEPT for who Darth Vader really is.

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    Too convoluted and complicated to be a possiblity. Wipe or no wipe. It's perfectly clear that 3PO has no memory of where he came from but R2 has never had his memory flushed.

    A bigger, yet related question, is why Vader never took pause at the fact that the Tantive IV was heading for Tatooine. Of all people to not remember the significance of that planet, Vader is the most unlikely. You see, this is another example of how TPM has turned this entire story into a crumbling deck of cards. Too many holes and inconsistencies.

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    This isn't a Big continuity issue or even a continuity issue at all.

    Pretty much what has been stated above; just because they were at the pod race together doesn't mean they know each other like a couple of college buddies. They probably didn't even see each other.

    Also, the droids were never at Jabba's palace either. The memory wipes are a pretty common statistic in SW lore. The droids probably have had memory wipes, so 3PO doesn't know that Anakin built him and he's from Tatooine, and R2 might not know Obi-Wan from TPM, but told where to find him and who he was.

    Now the Vader and Tatooine is something different altogether. He probably didn't/doesn't know that Obi-Wan is on Tatooine or even alive for that matter. And he didn't know it was R2 and 3PO in the pod either. So he probably didn't even think twice about it.

    I hardly see this as messing up continuity to the point where GL will go back and re-work the OT.
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    Originally posted by stillakid
    A bigger, yet related question, is why Vader never took pause at the fact that the Tantive IV was heading for Tatooine. Of all people to not remember the significance of that planet, Vader is the most unlikely. You see, this is another example of how TPM has turned this entire story into a crumbling deck of cards. Too many holes and inconsistencies.
    I don't see this as a problem in the least. Obviously Vader will remember the planet; but this doesn't mean that he will know that Obi-Wan and Luke are there. Besides what's he supposed to do? Go sight-seeing? Break down in tears over the painful memories? I remember reading that Anakin vows never to set foot on Tatooine again after the events of Ep2. (spoiler-readers will know what specific event I am talking about) I know it could just be a rumor but it would explain why Vader never actually went to search for the droids himself.

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    This is all well and all, however; someone present to me a logical scenario why when R2 and 3PO crash on Tatooine(If r2's memory isn't wiped), why doesn't he just tell the clueless 3PO everything he needs to know! AS A REMINDER: For as we see later in ANH, 3po continues to talk about his former master and not knowing what planet he's on!(the planet that is farthest from the bright center of the Universe)
    Does R2 not tell him to protect info? Does 3po not tell Luke anything to protect info?

    You know what I mean? Check it!..: 3PO just get's a memory wipe, R2 approaches..,"How ya feeling kid?"
    3po,"Oh hello, my name is C3.. "Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know worm for brains", R2 sqeeks! "Remember I'm R2, we met on Tatooine, your maker was a 9 year old kid named Anakin who grew up to be an ash..nevermind! Come on I need you If we're going to find this Obi-wan!"

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    If you look at the story as a whole and the various bits of information scattered throughout, the plot holes are so obvious, I can't fathom where the stream of disagreements come from. I'm not sure how else to present the problems. It's kind of like describing the color blue to a blind person. I think that ultimately, many people just want TPM to work with the OT so badly that they're willing to believe and rationalize anything no matter how little sense it makes.

    I've almost come to terms with TPM and the direction that this new trilogy seems to be taking. I believe that the only way to make it all work out is to consider the trilogies as mutually exclusive. The only things that they have in common are titles and similar names and production design. The story elements are so disparate that without putting blinders on, there is no way to resolve the conflicts.

    Now before the hate mail flies in, I think that it's fine for fans to enjoy whatever the heck that want to. Even Britney Spears is fine in small doses (listening to her I mean. I could look at her all day). But no matter how much you want there to be no problems, it doesn't make them go away. Ignore them and enjoy them if you want. We all have our ways of dealing with the New Trilogy crisis. Stay calm. Stop drop and roll. In case of emergency break glass.

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    If you don't like SW, don't post here. This is a place for fans, not for people to go around saying how SW sucks ever since TPM came out, and how GL doesn't know what he's doing.

    No one's forcing you to like SW, so if you don't no one will care. Just stop posting in a fan forum. If you don't like it, your obviously not a fan, and have no business being here. Sure there are some inconsistincies, but I don't lay awake at night worrying about it.

    I like SW for what it is in a whole. Sure TPM wasn't great, but I still liked it and a lot of other people who post here like it too. If you don't like the way the new trilogy is going, fine, but don't go around on fan forums expressing your discontent for everything that is Star Wars, cause when you do that, you're not a fan, just a disgruntled fanboy who have nothing better to do then go around and badmouth Star Wars and GL just because they don't like where SW is heading.

    I could go on but I won't.
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    To put things in a different perspective, I really, really dislike EU. Thus I try to stay away from any EU thread I find. My point, if you hate Ep1, or the entire prequel trilogy that much, then don't post in the Ep1 or Ep2 forums. It's that simple, stay in the OT forums or the toy forums and save us the headache.


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