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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    To put things in a different perspective, I really, really dislike EU. Thus I try to stay away from any EU thread I find. My point, if you hate Ep1, or the entire prequel trilogy that much, then don't post in the Ep1 or Ep2 forums. It's that simple, stay in the OT forums or the toy forums and save us the headache.
    Amen, brother. I was trying to say this in the old forums.

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    This has been a pretty cool read. A lot of topics have come up that I didnt think about before. However, I can buy that Anakin has the droids memory wiped due to an identity. I can really buy that. If I am not wrong, dont one of the rebels offer to wipe the memory of R2 in ANH, but luke doesnt allow it because he says that him and the droid have been through a lot. Also, I wouldnt put much stock into 3PO because he couldnt even tell a story right. Look at how he was explaining to the ewoks at what the rebels went through. He jumped everywhere, more than I do when I type!
    So in my humble opinion, I think that R2 and 3PO have their memory wiped!
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    Suddenly the definition of "fan" means to lay absolute praise upon everything Star Wars. That's BS. In fact, I consider myself a "better fan", if that sort of thing can be measured, because I take the time to evaluate what's in front of me instead of blindly accepting anything stamped Star Wars as gospel.

    I never suggested ever anywhere that people should not like TPM or anything else. You're free to do whatever you wish. My comments come from questions asked by others, and frequently are responses to mis-information or incorrect conclusions that have been drawn.

    This does not make me a "fan-boy" (name-calling, by the way is the obvious fallback position for opposition that has no valid basis for argument) nor a Star Wars hater.

    If the point of these forums is nothing more than to heap unending praise on Star Wars then it truly is a waste of time for everyone. Discussions of all kinds occur only because there are good and bad things to talk about. Choose to look at the world through rose-colored glasses if you wish, but the problems will still be there and will be discussed. If you want to hear about how great the new trilogy is, pick up the Insider. For a more balanced and thought-provoking look at the story, keep reading here. If you can't handle it, perhaps it's you who should leave.

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    Originally posted by stillakid
    Suddenly the definition of "fan" means to lay absolute praise upon everything Star Wars.
    I don't praise everyhting Star Wars.

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    Please, let's not judge others' fan choices and tell them where they should and shouldn't post. Sharing opinions is part of the discussion process, and if someone doesn't love Ep 1, it's not like EU where it's easy to avoid, Lucas has crammed it down our throats and says "this is canon", so they have a right to express their opinions about EP 1 and especially how the film reflects upon the original trilogy.
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