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Thread: What About Liea

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    What About Liea

    If a Jedi cannot love, then does this mean Liea could not be trained as a Jedi because of Han.

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    I think by the time of ROTJ, all the rules of the past no longer applied. She could be able too. And, if you read EU, it doesn't seem to bother Luke much, he married Mara Jade.
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    I think the "No Love" rule for Jedi was simply a product of the times Anakin was born in. Sort of a giant misinterpretation of the rules during the prequel era, and one that outdated itself quickly during the OT.
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    When the great jedi purge happened once Anakin became Vader, all the old Jedi rules and lore became obsolete. With just two jedi remaining it would be hard to keep things as they had once been.
    Although Yoda seems to have kept his vow of celibacy and with Obi-Wan holed up in the desert I'm sure he did too.
    By the time Luke had passed his jedi trials all the old Jedi orders were forgotten. There was litlle need of them with such a great foe to defeat. Plus society had changed. The prurient ways of the old republic had given way to the more open and base cultures of the Empire.
    And if you follow the EU which I don't, Luke could pretty much set his own rules by the time he got round to bagging Mara. All he had to govern his path were a few dead Jedi nagging him in spirit form. And as we all know, Luke never listened to anyone's advice but his own. And the same could be said of Leia. Although if she had been the one to train as a Jedi in the movies, I'm sure that she would have been pretty focused on the job in hand. Much more so than Luke. Luke was pre-occupied with thoughts of just a handful of friends but Leia had thoughts for the millions of subjucated civillians in the galaxy. She was a visionary and a martyr to the people. Unlike her selfish whiney brother...

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    Re: What About Liea

    Originally posted by Jek Porky 2001
    If a Jedi cannot love, then does this mean Liea could not be trained as a Jedi because of Han.
    I think the Jedi Order could let that one side, well because there's only Luke left...:happy:
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    I think they can love because Luke is the first of a new jedi era or jedi order.


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