I'm sure this has been discussed but in Ep IV ROTJ, as 3po and R2 approach Jabba's palace their conversation consists of roughly this: R2: bleep pleep bleeep, 3po: "don't be so sure, if I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circut!".
Well, Mr McCullum and Mr. Lucas better sit down and discuss how they're going to incorporate this into Ep II or III, because TPM destroyed the continuity of this scene in "Return"!
Because How could R2 and 3po not know who Jabba is when 30 years before they were at the Boonta Eve podrace hosted by none other than...! Especially seeing as the 2 headed announcers..well.. announce to the whole stadium Jabba's arrival in his private booth!
I'm assuming the easiest way to handle this would be; the on screen explanation of routine Droid memory wipes as mentioned by Owen Lars in ANH. ex) "I want you to take those two new droids down to tosche station and have their memories erased, they belong to us now"!
what do you guys think?