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Thread: Pokemon 4 Ever

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    ok...diss me as you wish...but i know what i like and that's the truth!i really only like the video games....10x better than the show.
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    One of the things that turns me off of pokemon is seeing the fans of it. It's sad.
    Once I was at my locas wal-mart and they had pokemon stadium demo there. There was this girl there that picked up a strategy guide (that she didn't intend to buy) beating the heck out of it while playing the demo. While she was playing it she would get excited and yell really loud. She would yell things like "I knew pokemon a was a lot better than pokemon b"(sorry don't know any pokemon names) or "everybody says this pokemon is better than that pokemon but i just proved them wrong." She was so loud you could hear her on the other side of the store. She played for a heck of a long time too.

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    yeah...i never did that...i hate having little kids coming up to me and just staring at the screen and when i do something they must put their 2 cent in.....arrgh! I HATE THEM!...........AND THE CHILDREN TOO! i just get the games and go...not alot of noise comes out of my mouth when i play...i just play.
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    I don't know how old the kids you're talking about were but the one i was talking about was around 12-13 or at least old enough to know not to do such embarassing thing in a crowded store. I mean she was making me embarassed.

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    Lightbulb Hay

    Hay, I like misty.She is cute.If they replace here with some other girl it's going to be messed up.

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    Talking Misty

    Does anyone else think misty is cute.Come people tell me you like misty sometimes pleaseeeeee....
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    she's alright...and yes..they are replacing here. she goes back to curelean. oh, and in the next leagur (ruby and sapphire) ash leaves every one of his pokes at oaks but pikachu. can you say "IDIDOT!"?
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    The girl in this picture is the one that replaces Misty.
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    yeo. she starts with achamo (the fire one) in the show.
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    I don't like here.It looks like she has a corn cob up here bum.
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