Oh no! Not another Pokemon movie! Yup, those little annoying creatures that only say their names are back with another sequal. The publicity for it wasn't great, seeing how Miramax obtained the rights to this fourth installment (most people I know that like Pokemon didn't even hear about Pokemon 4 until a few days before it's release). Had Warner Brothers (who had the rights to Pokemon 1-3) been given the rights to Pokemon 4, publicity for it would go through the roof. Ask yourself this- Do I really care if Pokemon commercials are being advertised less? Of couse not (unless you're a Pokemon fan like me).

I thought the movie was great! I liked the storyline (time travel- OOOH). I found Celebi (the main character) to be a bit annoying halfway through the film. But then again, a majority of the other Pokemon were annoying too.

If you have kids, take them.