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    I didn't even think of that, I'll also wait for R2 and then you Swaffy to be done before I go for it. Although at that point I'm sure it'll have to be well above what I'd be willing to spend.


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    re: shinky's "I'll also wait for R2 and then..."

    Well done, Mr. 43.
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    Talking Thanks

    Thanks guys I bid on the 2 pack before I saw GSJ's post....just saw his post this morning...otherwise I would have stated my intentions. This is one of the few numbered ones I've yet to acquire. I'm a little nervous about this one and am afraid there will probably be some last minute bidding on this. If SWAFMAN AND S43 notice that I am outbid on this, please feel free to bid on long as you can send me some good scans if you win!!

    SWAFMAN congrats on the Zaap and thanks for the very nice description!

    GSJ, I frankly don't know what the production run was on the numbered two-pack. Perhaps it was indeed different than the other #ed ships. JediTricks, any info there?
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    r2dee2 - congrats on winning the #'d AT-ST / Landspeeder 2-Pack!

    r2dee2 wins 2-pack # 0002 - cool!
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    here's an auction for the original 4 alpha's.....

    complete with trading cards and varient paint schemes

    x-wing, shuttle, at-at, and snowspeeder

    also, here's an auction for the 1st 6 silver labeled action fleet, also included is a small gold labled vader tie which appears to be the tough to find non-weathered version. also, this auction includes the death star play set
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    GSJ: The KB Landspeeder and At-St 2-pack numbered edition was not limited to 1500. I just won one (and got it today) and it's numbered 1598.

    So I now have all the numbered sets (not nearly as nice as yours GSJ, don't you have them all numbered #38?) I have 3 number 0008s but the rest are all different.

    Now if only that JC Penny's AF At-At would show up somewhere I'd be all set.


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    actually they are all numbered 48!

    congrats on completing your numbered set!

    those are the only mm/af toys that i will not open
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    GSJ: Sorry for being wrong about the number. Last time I heard about them was at least a year ago, at least I was only off by a single digit.

    I didn't think I was going to get that set anytime soon. The first one I saw on ebay was the one R2 was bidding on. I wasn't going to outbid her even though I really really wanted it. Luckily about a week later another one was listed as a lot with a few other AF items. It had a minimum of 40.00 and a Buy Now of 62.00. I thought about taking it for 62.00 but decided to gamble and threw a bid of 40.00 down. A few days later (I hate 7 day auctions) someone outbid me and the bid was 41.00. At that point I started to worry a little and started thinking I should have taken it for 62.00. I outbid the other guy and had the high bid of 42.00. Surprisingly for the next few days all the way up until it ended no one else bid and so I got it for 42.00 (50.80 with shipping). I did throw a max bid of 80 something down just to be safe but I'm glad it didn't get anywhere near that.



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