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    Huge trade list. Last time list.

    I have a huge list of figures up for trade. I prefer to trade these figures but will also consider selling if anyone REALLY needs a figure from the list. Whatever is left in a week or so will either go to the local to toy guy's store or ebay. This stuff has GOT to go. I need the room. This also marks the end of my trading days for a while. Everything listed is C-9 unless noted. So here's EVERYTHING that I have for trade:

    Orange Carded

    Boba Fett .01

    Freeze Frame

    Coll. 1

    Lando General
    Leia New likeness
    Luke Blastshield
    Rebel Fleet Trooper
    Han Bespin (X4)
    Luke Bespin (X4)
    Endor Rebel Soldier (X2)
    Leia Endor Celebration (Ewok) (X2)
    Lobot (X4)
    Orrimaarko (Prune Face) (X2)
    C-3PO (X2)
    R2-D2 (X3)
    Han Endor (Brown Pants)
    Lando Skiff Guard
    Luke Ceremony
    Han Solo
    Han Carbonite (C-8)
    Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (C-8)
    Slave Leia (C-7)

    Coll. 2

    Nien Nunb
    8D8 (C-8)
    Gamorrean Guard (C-7)
    Admiral Ackbar (C-8)
    Biggs Darklighter
    Lak Sivrak

    Coll. 3

    Zuckuss (C-8 stress line from hanger to bubble)
    Ishi Tib (C-8 same as above)
    Stormtrooper (C-8 same as above)
    Pote Snitkin (C-7)
    Emperor Palpatine (C-6)



    Queen Amidala Theed Invasion (C-6)
    Ketwol (C-6)
    Jar-Jar Binks Tatooine (C-8)
    FX-7 (X2)
    Queen's Royal Decoy
    Mas Amedda
    Battle Droid Boomer Damaged
    Bespin Security
    R2-Q5 (X3)
    Ellorrs Madak
    Bo Shek
    Leia General
    Shmi Skywalker
    Gungan Warrior


    POTF CommTech

    Stormtrooper (With White Chip)
    Wuher (X2)
    Han Solo


    Episode 1

    Maul Sith Lord (X2)
    Swimming Jar-Jar (C-8)
    Obi (Jedi Duel) (C-8)
    R2-D2 (Big Bubble)
    Watto (C-8)
    Boss Nass (C-8)
    Ody Mandrell
    Ki-Adi Mundi
    Naboo Royal Security
    Adi Gallia
    Chancellor Valorum (C-7)
    Nute Gunray
    Rune Haako (C-7)
    Tarpals (X2)
    Obi-Wan (Soft Goods)
    Ani Naboo
    Ani Pilot
    Qui-Gon (Soft Goods) (X3)
    Destroyer Droid Battle Damaged (X2) (C-8)

    Sith Accessory Set



    Jango (X2)



    Battle Droid (with BG)
    Geo Warrior (with BG) (X2)
    Padme Amidala (without BG) (C-8)
    Han Solo (white droid caller)
    Mace Geo Rescue (C-8)
    Jango Fett Final Battle (Flame up or down...1 of each)
    Jango Fett Kamino Escape Tri-Logo



    TIE Bomber
    Darth Vader's TIE



    Epic Force Boba Fett
    MISC. EP1 Euro/Canadian figures


    Orange Carded

    Boba Fett .00
    Luke Jedi
    Luke Stormtrooper
    Luke X-Wing
    Han Hoth
    Death Star Gunner
    Tusken Raider


    Episode 1

    Darth Sidious Holograph
    Naboo Royal Guard
    Sio Bibble
    Queen (with ascension gun)
    Yoda WITH Episode 1 text



    Queen Amidal Theed Invasion



    newer stuff after Chancellor Palpatine

    Unleashed Vader




    Scanning Tech from Carry Case (carded or loose)

    Motti (loose)
    Leia (loose)

    Hong Knog Villians

    New SW Kubricks

    All items should be MOMC unless otherwise noted.



    HAVES===HAVES===HAVES===NON-Star Wars

    G.I.JOE Collector's Special Edition 2-pks

    Firefly & Undertow
    General Tomahawk & Dial Tone
    Dusty & Law and Order
    Cobra Commander & Chameleon
    DUke & Side Track
    Big Ben & Whiteout
    Major Bludd & Rock Viper
    Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow (X2)
    Big Brawler & Tripwire
    Double Blast & Crossfire
    Gung Ho & Leatherneck
    Low-Light & Sure Fire
    Wet-Suit & Wet Down
    Zartan & Shadow Viper
    Cobra Commander & Laser Viper
    Destro & Blast Viper

    G.I. JOE vs. Cobra

    Snake-Eyes vs. Storm Shadow

    Matchbox Character Car Collection:

    Friday the 13th
    Nightmare on Elm st.
    Ace Ventura
    I Dream of Genie
    Animal House

    WANTS===WANTS===WANTS===NON-Star Wars

    Transformers Commemorative Seies I

    Optimus Prime

    That's it, thanks for looking and e-mail or PM me if you have any questions.
    May the force be with you.

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    tie bomber

    is it potj tie bomber? I have tru optimus prime trade for it

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    Hi....Interested in these....

    Zuckuss (C-8 stress line from hanger to bubble)
    Ishi Tib (C-8 same as above)
    Pote Snitkin (C-7)
    Swimming Jar-Jar (C-8)
    Preview Jango

    would you sell?


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    I've got POTF2 Orange Luke Xwing (LS) and Han Hoth... what kubricks do you have? PLMK! Thanks!

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    can you give us your email address?---brian
    One way to out think people is to make them think you think they'll think what you are not really trying to get them to think what you think.

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    I have e-mailed a few folks, but here's my address:

    bucaroo, I am looking for Kubricks, sorry about the confusion.
    May the force be with you.


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