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    Still looking for Yoda, 3PO Deluxe...

    Hey folks, I know there has been alot of these types of threads lately but I'm really curious about this pair, and i'd really like to get my hands on them.

    Seems like 3po and Yoda deluxe got released months ago and I still haven't seen any sign of them anywhere. Are these in short supply right now? And if so should I just be patient and wait for Hasbro to make them more available?

    Thanks in advance for your reply's

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    Not at all...I know of two targets that have had them for a good month the only problem is a scalper tore all of the tops of the peg hangers....mostly paper damage but to the serious *Mint* collector they have let them there to sit....and wait for me ;-) an opener!!!!!

    well as soon as I get the Arena
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    The deluxe C-3PO is a pegwarmer at the Target stores where I live... there are tons of them here.

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    yeah, 3PO's are abundant, but Yoda's... I've only seen one and it's the one I bought, and I believe that the only reason I got it was that they had JUST opened the box
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    I saw like 3 of each at a Target one day and picked both of them up. I went back the next day and they were all gone. That was like 2 or 3 months ago and I haven't seen any since.
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    So target's are the place huh. Ok cool I suppose I was waiting for them to show up at toys r us or walmart, i'll be in a larger city this week on vacation so I'll check the targets Thanks for the info folks.

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    Bah, there is no target in my town. I've yet to see either on the pegs.

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    I travel a lot and Target seems the best place to find these. If you happen to go to the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana area, Meijer's also seem to have these in stock often, with a better chance of finding Yoda than most Targets.
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    Get this, I haven't seen 1 Dlx Yoda since the one I bought broke (the day I bought it), so I still have to find a 2nd one to replace the one I have!
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    C-3PO is way too warm on the Target pegs over here. I bought him and Yoda on the same day, I haven't seen Yoda once since then, and I've never seen basic Yoda on the pegs (but I have one, thanks to jedikiss!).
    If anyone needs a C-3PO, maybe we can work out a trade . . . PM me if you need one!
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