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    On the Dejarik Chess board

    Can anyone identify any of the creatures that were on that board if they even existed at all there in the SW universe or were they purely fictional to the board itself.
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    The star wars encyclopedia had a listing of all the creatures. I'm sure Jar Jar or Tycho will chime in soon and fill you in.

    They are listed in that big star wars bible with photos.

    The comics took a spin with the saarvip creature which was represented on the board. So people have built off of it.

    Thumb through the encyclopedia and you'll find them. If I remember right they are sort of scattered through the volume...but they are there.

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    Here's a list of the creatures:

    Grimtash the Molatar
    Mantellian Savrip (the one R2 moved)
    Kintan Strider (the one the Mantellian Savrip defeated)
    K'lor' Slug

    Think that's them all .

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    This website has pictures with names:
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