View Poll Results: What kind of Deluxe Figure do you see the most value in?

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  • a Force-flipping action figure like Anakin or Dooku

    2 0.28%
  • an electronic, large figure like the Nexu

    95 13.49%
  • a figure with a playset like Yoda or C-3PO

    135 19.18%
  • a figure with accessories like the Clone Trooper speeder pilot

    391 55.54%
  • a figure with action features and a target figure, like Anakin or Mace

    23 3.27%
  • I dont like any of the Deluxe Figures

    58 8.24%
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    I voted for The "playsets" but, the Clone Trooper with speeder is a close favorite "Figure" in a deluxe pack is the Clone with speeder but over all I want playsets as "pack-ins" with deluxe figures

    **Posted by Prince Xizor **
    "And as far as the Force Flippers, what the hell was Hasbro thinking? I bought the Dooku one because I could not find the basic one at the time and I have never been more disgusted with a figure. No Articulation, Bad Sculpt, Permenant Lightsaber in his hand, and worst of all I have yet to get the flipping to work. Ugh...."
    You read my mind! Force Flippers SUCK!
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    As the SW line in general has progressed over the last few years, the accessory/deluxe sets have greatly improved.

    I'd like to see more figures like the Target accessory packs released. Those are high quality and what the fans/collectors are looking for.

    I haven't bought any of the Force flippers. If I do, I'll wait until they're clearanced.

    The C3PO/battle droid set is cool. I thought it would sell better than it has. The Yoda/SBD is great!

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    Originally posted by Tycho
    Rogue II said he'd like to see an Imperial Bikerscout with removeable armor accessories like the Deluxe Clone Trooper.

    How about Han and Luke stormtroopers done in this manner?

    I think that would be seriously cool!
    That would be pretty cool. I doubt we would see them any time soon because of that cool little Trash compactor scene that's coming out next year.

    How about an electric ROTJ Jabba that talks? Or Wampa? Or a tauntaun that just stands there would be nice too.

    Playsets could be from the Rebel Bases, Death Star, or just about any other scene in the SW Universe. There are plenty of ideas for these in the Dear Hasbro Section.

    I don't think Hasbro should stick with just one type. There is no shortage for ideas on any of these. They need to quit making the Action features and flipping figures they don't seem to be very popular.
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    Who are the two people who voted for the Force-Flippers?

    I think the last assortment of POTJ Deluxe should be the blueprint for the future. Awesome, high-quality figures who are not just simple rehashes of existing figures (even though the jury is still out on DX Maul). I'm totally amazed that Ephant Mon wasn't packaged as a Deluxe, since he is bigger than Amanaman; or as a Beast pack, since he is bigger than Jabba (without the tail).
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