View Poll Results: What kind of Deluxe Figure do you see the most value in?

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  • a Force-flipping action figure like Anakin or Dooku

    2 0.28%
  • an electronic, large figure like the Nexu

    95 13.49%
  • a figure with a playset like Yoda or C-3PO

    135 19.18%
  • a figure with accessories like the Clone Trooper speeder pilot

    391 55.54%
  • a figure with action features and a target figure, like Anakin or Mace

    23 3.27%
  • I dont like any of the Deluxe Figures

    58 8.24%
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    What kind of Deluxe Figure do you see the most value in?

    We've had 11 Deluxe Figures released now, as opposed to 3 from Episode One in 1999, and 4 from POTJ in 2001.

    In the past, figures came with giant accessories:

    1996: Han Solo w. Smuggler Flight Pack,

    Luke Skywalker w. Desert Sport Skiff,

    and Crowd Control Stormtrooper with riot control gear.

    Then in 1997, Deluxe Figures were redefined so as to please quite a lot of collectors:

    The Hoth Probe Droid

    Snowtrooper w. Tri-pod Laser Cannon

    Hoth Rebel Soldier w. Radar Dish Cannon

    and of course, Boba Fett got the '96 Look with a giant personal weapons array he wore like some kind of small plane attached to his back.

    1998 saw no deluxe figures, though FX figures and Complete Galaxy lines as well as Gunner Stations were going through their trials.

    1999 Deluxe Figures introduced action features we now find common on Saga Figures: lightsaber moves.

    Darth Maul
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Qui-Gon Jinn

    all had specific lightsaber moves triggered by removeable saber hilts you plugged into their backs to activate their moves by remote control.

    2000 saw no Deluxe once again, but 2001's POTJ line came forward with an interesting selection.

    There was Luke Bacta - almost a playset in its own right! Fans had wanted this figure for almost forever, and now it even had bubble action features and interacted with another figure, FX-7, foreshadowing a more interactive collection as a whole, like we see in the Saga collection now.

    Darth Maul was almost both an Unleashed Figure attempt, and a two-pack with his Sith training droid, but he had the extra bonus of actually appearing in a comic with these exact features - including his full chest and back body-tattoos exposed.

    Slave Leia came with a huge Sailbarge cannon accessory, movie-accurate, and reminiscient of the 1997 Deluxe Figures which included large - and useful - movie props with them.

    Amanaman rounded out the group. Slightly larger than your average figure, Amanaman featured a McFarlane approach to the character, complete with a decomposed corpse for him to carry around, along with his fully detailed headhunter staff. In spite of having less value added for a Deluxe, Amanaman was the 2nd Fans' Choice Figure, and claimed high demand.

    Today we have main characters and Jedi Knights, beasts and army builders, all displaying the widest variety of an interpretation for "a Deluxe Figure" in the new Saga Line.

    Which ones do you see the value in?

    Should they continue to make these?

    What kinds of Deluxe Figures would you like?

    Which one that they've done do you like the best?
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    I actually would have preferred a poll where we could rate all of the deluxe figures. If we simply ranked them, it would be hard to get all of the force-flipping figures last, for instance, so we would have to be able to rate them. Even though I haven't seen it, I love the idea of the Clonetrooper with speeder bike as a deluxe figure. The figure actually looks like someone wearing armor, as opposed to the tiny normal clonetroopers, plus we get a bike that is useful in a movie-like atmosphere. I also really like the Yoda and C-3P0 sets that include movie playsets with them, this makes it easy to spend $10 on them. The Nexu and Anakin and Mace were nice, you got a decent size beast and they made it electronic to justify the $10, and the figures at least had some kind of feature (a target enemy) to interact with. Finally, the force-flipping figures were just horrible, very little play value, bad likenesses, and a pretty dumb feature combined.
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    I missed voting in the poll, but here is my opinion. I have bought 3 Saga Deluxes so far-3PO, Mace/Droid, and the Nexu, all of which are fantastic (Although I think I will glue the BD that comes with Mace together). Action feature/target figs are ok, but I prefer large electronic figures or figures with playsets. I do not have the deluxe clone, so I can't judge yet, although it looks great. Here are the good points of each (In my personal opinion)-

    Force Flippers-None.

    Large Electronics-Well, they are electronic (Obviously), the electronics cost some money so Hasbro can't afford to put many stupid gimmicks in, in the Nexu's case (Or the case of any other figure that is slightly larger than a human) you can make them larger without selling them in a box for $15.00.

    Playsets-They usually come with 2 figures, which is a plus, the playsets can REALLY aid in diorama-making, they usually have some neat features (C-3PO's switchable limbs), they provide much-needed army builders, or they allow people to get figures they wouldn't buy on a card (Like the Saga 3PO, I'll be damned if I'm getting the basic one ).

    Accessories-I'm supposing you mean small ships, not like the Accessory sets. First of all, you get a figure and a ship for $10 instead of $15 (Like Luke/Leia/Scout on Speeder Bike or the Swoop), army builders, once again, and I will not list any more in this because they are just too partial to the Clonetrooper.

    Target Practice- Army builder, fun action features , oppurtunity to buy a figure you wouldn't get on a card (Geo. Mace :rolleyes), violent fun , etc., etc.

    I prefer the Playsets. They seem to give you the most for your money, and I build dioramas, so I like that too.
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    Electronic Deluxe figures, I hope the Dwarf Spider Droid is electronic.

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    I'm quite impressed with the clone trooper, though I haven't seen it anywhere yet. I voted for figures with playsets because there simply aren't enough playsets. Not to mention, the ones with the playsets so far have had 2 figures and neat action features for the same price of the horrible flipping figures. I would gladly pay deluxe figure prices if every regular character came with partial playsets like these ones.

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    i will have to go with the playsets but that might have change if i have seen th eclonetrooper.

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    I voted for the Clone and Speeder, but I don't have it so, why did I vote for it?? Who knows, but Hasbro has done a good job on many deluxe, screwed up on some. The Crappy @ss flip stuff has to go! I should have voted for C-3PO, it's fun and it works!
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    Ranked in order of "like".

    a figure with accessories like the Clone Trooper speeder pilot
    I'd say this one first ... a nice articulated figure with lots of good relevant bits. Will hopefully have good play as well as display value. I haven't got the trooper yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

    a figure with a playset like Yoda or C-3PO
    As long as the set pieces aren't made like junk I'd say this is my #2. If it's all built well and the figures work with the sets the way they are supposed to ... then again, you've got good play/display value. I happen to quite like these two specific sets.

    an electronic, large figure like the Nexu
    I think these toys are turning out just fine really. The Nexu in particular is a fun little toy ... one that I will wait to find on clearance.

    a figure with action features and a target figure, like Anakin or Mace
    I will appreciate "action features" the day that I'm in a coma and can't physically generate some sort of action for the figures on my own ... oh wait, if I'm in a coma then I won't care ... so I suppose there's no point in these for me.

    a Force-flipping action figure like Anakin or Dooku
    I'm not interested in these figures at all ... it's pretty much a one-trick-pony on all counts. Even for a kid, once you play with it a few times it's lost it's appeal (or broken.)

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    I voted for "a figure with accessories like the Clone Trooper speeder pilot"
    although I don't have him yet, I loved the Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon from the POTF2 line and I hope this sort of deluxe figs will be released more often (instead of those horrible force-flipping pieces)
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    I have to say that since I am an army builder it makes sense that I would vote for the clone/speederbike. This as well as the Target exclusive accessory sets have been fun to collect. Although I don't have the clone/speederbike set yet you can bet I will when I see them and more than one for sure. These sets have enabled collectors to either get figures as yet unavailible ie red battle droid (unless you count the one with deluxe mace) or hard to find figs like the death star trooper which was very hard to find in my area, or even a variant ie the Hoth soldier who is a mix between the rebel hoth officer and luke hoth. I am pleased with Hasbro apparent ....progress.

    The deluxe sets such as C-3PO or Yoda and the Nexu are tied as my second choices. These in part because they are main characters/beasts. It wouldn't make sense to package the Nexu in a box as it was too small to warrant that

    I liked all the rest with the exception of the force flipping action sets to which I did not by any of. I thought these were cheesy gimmicks moreover since not seen in the movie had no place in my collection also due in part to the fact that we knew we would see these as regular 3 3/4 figs.

    well there's my 2 credits worth.
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