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Thread: Green A-wing!

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    Green A-wing!

    Check it out HERE !
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    Pretty cool, pretty cool, of course it'd be even cooler if it's a new Arvel Crynid or the black guy for the pilot figure. Where did you get the pics from, SirSteve?
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    Another great scoop, SirSteve!! Vehicle looks great; can't really make out the pilot all that well.

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    looks nice. hope it makes its way to the great white north, i think it will look swell next to the X-wing i have on hold at work
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    I don't get it, where is it in the movie? haven't seen it. Why is it green?
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    Don't tell me, it's an exclusive in a store not near me.

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    Let's not start griping about it yet, at least until we know something.
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    Great toy. Same look as the Action Fleet "Green Leader" !!! Hope the pilot will have a new mold.
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    Looks good, but I need to see it in person to make my final opinion. I hope it has a pack in figure.
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    well I've got mine on order already. As far as I know it's a UK exclusive.

    It has the ordinary common or garden variety A-wing pilot I think. This version takes the color scheme seen on the squadron colors action fleet version. There were no green ones in the movie they were all red but this is a nice change from the ordinary. A completely new paint application. The only difference in this and the action fleet one is a mirrored rebel sigil. The AF one had just one sigil on the left 'wing'. Cool isn't in it though. A hot collectible if ever I saw one.


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